How To See The First Message On WhatsApp Chat Without Scrolling?

Have you ever tried to go to the first message in WhatsApp Chat and ended up scrolling infinitely? In the end, the thought of wishing to know how to see the first message on WhatsApp Chat without Scrolling would make you curious and helpless at the same time. To put a full stop to your curiosity, we have come up with a few detailed guides to help you learn how to go to the first message in WhatsApp Chat without scrolling.

Here, we’re going to discuss how to see the first message on WhatsApp chat without scrolling. We all have been using WhatsApp for many years. WhatsApp chats are filled with many emotions – love, hate, anger, and fun. We all have shared many memories over WhatsApp Chats. Those trips and party planning, late-night conversations, and many more. Even you might have tried to see the first message on WhatsApp by nearly infinite scrolling. In 95% of cases, you must have stopped in between only, right? Wouldn’t it have been great if you had some alternatives?

How to Go To The First Message In WhatsApp Chat Without Scrolling – Export Feature

  • Open the WhatsApp Mobile App.
  • Go to the conversation whose first message you want to see.
  • Click on the three dots in the right-uppermost corner and select More.
First step to see the first message on WhatsApp Without Scrolling
  • Select the Export Chat option.
Select Export Chat option
  • As you select the Export Chat option, you’ll get two options.
    • Include Media – This will include all media files.
    • Without Media – This will not include media files. Hence, the process will be faster. We recommend you to use this.
We recommend you to select Without Media option, as it will take less time to export the chat.
  • Now, you need to select the Save To Drive option.
  • In your Google Drive, you will find the entire conversation in a text document.
  • Open the document in the text editor, quickly scroll to the initial chat messages and copy the unique message from the very initial time.
  • You can use the scrolling feature or keyboard shortcut to reach the beginning or end of the document.
  • Now again go to the three dots and select the search option. 
  • Paste the selected message in the text bar and search for it. 
  • You’ll be redirected to that message in your chat.
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How to See The First Message On WhatsApp Chat Without Scrolling Using Media Option

If you have media files available in your chat conversation from the initial days, this trick will be very easy to use. You don’t need to export chat to use this trick. Follow these simple steps to see the first message of WhatsApp chat without much scrolling.

  • Open the conversation whose first message you want to see.
  • Go to the media section and scroll it to the very first media file. Scrolling media files will be easy compared to text.
Open Media Section to See The First Message On WhatsApp Chat Without Scrolling
  • Open the first media file of that conversation.
  • Go to the three dots in the right-upper-most corner and select Show in chat.
Select Show in Chat
  • This will open that media file in the chat conversation. Hence you can directly jump to the initial messages of the conversation without scrolling much.
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Auto-Scrolling Apps To See The First Message On WhatsApp Without Scrolling

Here, we’re discussing the tricks to see the first message on WhatsApp without scrolling. But this trick includes scrolling. Don’t worry, you don’t need to scroll manually. There are many auto-scrolling apps available in the market. Install any of these auto-scrolling apps, set the scrolling speed, and reach the first message on WhatsApp without giving scrolling efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’ve deleted/erased my WhatsApp conversations in the past, can I see those erased/deleted messages using this trick?

No. This trick will only help you in getting the first message from the existing/available messages on your WhatsApp conversation.

In method 1, instead of saving a backup file on the drive, can I use other options?

Yes, the main goal is to save and open the file. You can save the file anywhere you want to save it.

In method 1, is it compulsory to select the Without Media option?

No. You can select either of them. The ‘Without Media’ option is recommended as we don’t need any media files for this trick. And also, including media files will take more time to export the chat.

What is the advantage of the Auto Scrolling App?

Auto Scrolling Apps help you to reduce the number of touches on the screen. This way it increases the lifespan of mobile touch screens. If you’re reading something or doing similar activities, auto-scrolling Apps help you keep your hand free.

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