How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously Without them Knowing – 5 Precise Tricks

Instagram is considered the most versatile Social Media platform of the modern era. The platform provides almost everything that is necessary for a great community builder social media platform. Instagram, which was started as a photo-sharing application, now offers a wide range of functionalities that includes Reels, Stories, Chatting, Voice & Video Calling, Instagram Live Sessions, and many more.

Instagram is a really important platform for creators. Just like creators, Instagram is also an incredible platform for consumers, if consumed well. They can enjoy various types of content like Instagram Posts, Reels. IGTV Videos, Instagram Stories, etc. All other types of posts apart from Instagram Stories are permanent, and creators don’t get an idea whether it is seen by a specific person or not.

On the other hand, Instagram Stories are temporary and last only for 24 hours. But, the best part of Instagram Stories is that the user can get an idea of who all have seen the story. And that’s why it is one of the highest used content types on Instagram.

So, we’re sharing this blog for those consumers who want to know How to view Instagram stories anonymously without them knowing?

How to view Instagram stories anonymously without them knowing – 5 Detailed Ways

These 5 detailed tricks will help you view Instagram stories anonymously without them knowing.

How to view Instagram stories anonymously without them knowing - 5 Detailed Ways

Airplane Mode Trick

Airplane Mode Trick is the easiest way to view Instagram Stories anonymously without them knowing. Use the Airplane Mode feature of your device to get the work done. Follow the below steps to view Instagram stories anonymously without them knowing using the Airplane Mode Feature.

  • Open Instagram from your mobile App.
  • Keep it open for a few minutes. Make sure your phone is connected to the Internet with good speed. 
  • This will load all the stories.
  • Now, switch your phone to Airplane Mode.
  • Open Instagram from the background apps.
  • Now, you can enjoy Instagram Stories anonymously.

Instagram Web – View Instagram Stories Anonymously Extension

Instagram has the Instagram Web version of the application available. Web browser extensions will help us to view Instagram stories anonymously using extensions available for various web browsers, without them knowing. Check out these detailed steps to apply this trick.

  • Download and Install the ‘Chrome IG Story’ Chrome Extension.
  • Open Instagram Web on your Google Chrome.
  • Log in to your Instagram Account using your credentials.
  • The Chrome extension will let you view Instagram stories anonymously without letting people know.

That’s the power of Google Chrome Extensions. These tiny extensions help us do many small yet useful tasks in our digital journey. There are various other extensions available on Web browser stores. For Instagram Web, a web browser extension is the best choice to view Instagram Stories Anonymously.

Alternative Account Method

By using an anonymous alternate account that is not directly identifiable as you, you can view someone’s Instagram story anonymously. If you have any other Instagram account, you can easily switch between your accounts whenever required. This way you can easily view Instagram stories anonymously without them knowing.

Secret Trick

This is the easiest trick you can use to view someone’s Instagram Story without them knowing. You need to follow these simple steps.

  • You only need to tap on the Story next in line instead of the one you want to watch secretly.
  • Tap and hold on to the story you are on to pause. 
  • After this, swipe left to reach the story you wanted to view. Make sure you do this step very slowly
  • This will bring you to the middle point of both Instagram Stories, where you can preview the story without being on their viewer list.

This trick needs to be applied with patience. If you swipe speedily, you may end up being in their Instagram story’s viewer list. And this trick will only help you to have a glance at the story, you can not see the whole story clearly.

Third-Party Apps

There are various Apps available on the Internet that can stop you from landing in someone’s Instagram story viewer list, even if you have seen their story.

  • For iOS, the Repost Stories app from the App Store is the App you need to view Instagram stories anonymously without them knowing. Install the App on your iOS device, and log in with your Instagram App. Now, search for the person whose story you want to search for. You can see all the posts and of that person has posted in the past 24 hours in a folder. Check the stories from that folder.
  • For Android, the BlindStory app will help you to view Instagram stories anonymously without them knowing. Download and install the App on your Android phone. Log in with your Instagram Account, search the profile of the person, and view Story from the profile. This way you can view Instagram stories anonymously.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Airplane Mode?

Airplane Mode is a setting on a smartphone or any wireless device, in which the device does not receive or transmit wireless signals.

Is it okay to view someone’s Instagram Stories Anonymously?

As long as you are doing any harm to someone, it is completely okay to view someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously.

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That’s how you can enjoy the Instagram journey with some fun. You can use any of these tricks to prank your friends by viewing their Instagram Stories anonymously. Share your valuable feedback with us for the same 🙂

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