11 Unique Ideas for Passwords – How To Create Strong and Unbreakable Passwords?

Research done by Nordpass in 2020 reveals that the average person needs to remember 100 passwords. The same number was floating around 70-80 in 2019. It indicates a 25% yearly increase in the number of passwords an average person possesses. These numbers are really shocking and unbelievable. However, For the safety and security on the Internet, each and every password must be unique, strong, and easy to remember. Moreover, passwords need to be changed frequently. So, as an Internet user, we always need to be ready with ideas for passwords.

DiGiTAL BiRYANi has created a list of ideas that can be really helpful in creating strong and easy-to-remember passwords. You can get suggestions for good passwords. A quick go-through and implementation from these ideas for passwords will ensure the safety and security of your Digital Assets, i.e.Digital Accounts.

Best Ideas for Creating Strong and Unique Passwords by DiGiTAL BiRYANi

Use Formulas For Creating Strong Passwords

Observe your surroundings, use simple maths, and apply some wonderful logic for creating passwords. There are a lot of suggestions and ideas for passwords within your surroundings only. Your own logic, your own observations, and mathematical symbols can create very strong, good, and easy to remember passwords.

  • February2020+March2021=60Days
  • Bike+Car=6Wheels
  • 2018-2013=Five (You can use different combinations like children’s birth year, your college graduation & school graduation, etc.)
  • 3+Five=Four*2

Substitute Letters With Random Symbols For Good Passwords

Nowadays almost all passwords require at least one special character. So, we all normally substitute some letters with special characters. There are very common substitutions for creating strong passwords, we should avoid those substitutions.

Below common substitutions are largely used by a large chunk of people.

  • a = @
  • i = !
  • H = #
  • o = 0
  • S = $

Instead, apply some unique and hard-to-break substitutions.

  • a = >
  • i = (
  • H = %
  • o = &
  • S = ?

Old Password – ProudIndian1947

New Password – Pr&ud(nd(>n1947

Therefore, if you’re using the password ProudIndian1947, please use Pr&ud(nd(>n1947 instead.

Use Entire Phrase or Sentence For Creating Easy To Remember Passwords

What do you remember easily – different words in random patterns or a full-sentence or phrase? Considering a full sentence or entire phrase is a very easy option while thinking about ideas for passwords. When you consider the length of the password, a full sentence or even an entire phrase is your best bet.

  • PizzaHut is better than Dominos
  • iPreferZomatoOverSwiggy
  • RonaldoOverMessi
  • DiGiTALBiRYANiBoostsDigitalProductivity

One of The Best Ideas For Passwords – Create a Passphrase Acronym

Creating an acronym for a phrase or sentence is one of the coolest ideas for creating strong passwords. If you feel using a full sentence is not a safe idea for creating a password, then you can undoubtedly apply this idea. Instead of using an entire phrase, create an acronym out of it and set it as a password.

Phrase/Sentence – Hey! He shifted to the US in 2018.

Password in Acronym form – H!Hs2tU2

Reversing Technique To Create Strong Passwords

It is one of those techniques where you don’t need to remember difficult and tricky patterns for passwords. You can consider any simple password and make it strong by using this technique. Pick a simple password of your choice and reverse it. The new password will be difficult to crack by anyone. Just have a look at the example below.

Old Password – ProudIndian1947

New Password – 7491naidnIduorP

Using a Space – One of the Unique Ideas For Passwords

This might come as a surprise for you. But, it’s true. You can use spaces in your passwords. Spaces are allowed in the majority of the passwords. However, there will be exceptional platforms that do not allow the use of space in passwords. So, next time when you change or create your password on any platform you can consider space as well.

Old Password – ProudIndian1947

New Password – Proud Indian  1947

Generate Strong Passwords Using a Line/Quote From Your Favorite Book/Movie

Humans can easily remember something they have read or watched. If you’re a hardcore reader or a movie lover, then a line or quote from your favorite movie or book can provide very good ideas for passwords. Moreover, you can directly use an entire line or quote as well.

  • GoingWithTheFlowIkigai55
  • PayYourselfFirstRDPD289
  • AllIsWell3Idiot2009

Use Keyboard Designs for Creating Strong Passwords

Consider different designs on the keyboard for creating strong passwords. You can get many good ideas for passwords from various keyboard designs.

If you want get ideas for passwords, then you should surely consider the different keyboard designs to create strong passwords.

Below are a few Suggestions for Passwords based on the above design.

  • $rFvgZ7(9
  • 4RFvGz/(9
  • $rfVgZ78)

Use Repetition Technique To Create Strong Passwords

For short and easy to remember passwords, you can use this simple technique to make it more safe and secure. Just repeat your short and simple password multiple times, it will become difficult to crack. This is a very simple and easy technique to create strong passwords.

Old Password – ProudIndian1947

New Password – ProudIndian1947ProudIndian1947

Use Brackets and Make Patterns in Your Password

Brackets are really useful to make different patterns and formulas for creating strong passwords. You can use brackets just like space. You can see the below examples to get ideas for creating passwords using brackets.

  • Proud(Indian)1947
  • (2+Four)*(Six-2)=2Four
  • iM(({[cool]}))

Swapping of Letters For Good Passwords

You can take a simple password and swap 2 letters in that password. This will be easy to remember and difficult to crack by some unknown person. Thus, it will provide you an extra layer of safety and security.

Old Password – ProudIndian1947

New Password – AroudIndipn1947

Here, we have swapped p with a. As you can clearly see, the new password is difficult to crack.

NOTE: If the specific platform does not allow specific character, spaces, brackets while creating the password then you always need to take care of the instructions given by the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’m trying to include space in my password but the platform is not allowing me, what to do?

These things are completely platform-specific. In general, space is allowed in the password but many platforms do not allow you to include space in the password. If that is the case, then you should closely follow the platform’s instructions to create a strong password.

Are long passwords more secure than short ones?

In general, Yes. But that is not always true. If you create a long password with easy-to-guess information like your birthday, mobile number, then it is not a good bet. Instead, a short password with unusual and unique patterns will provide you more safety.

Is it a good idea to use the same password for every account?

No, A Big No. You should never use the same password for every account. It is very risky and vulnerable.


This article is published only for educational purposes. The sole motive, of sharing this article, is to help our esteemed readers to get better ideas for passwords and to create strong passwords for their Digital Assets. You can choose to apply any of the techniques above, or you can come up with your own ideas for passwords. At the end of the day, a password needs to be unique, unusual, safe, and secure.

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