How to listen to WhatsApp Voice Notes Secretly without Sender Knowing – 5 Ways

WhatsApp was introduced as a text messaging platform. The platform evolved magically within a few years of its launch, and now it now supports audio, video, calls, messaging, media transfer, and many more such unique functionalities. Undoubtedly, text messages remain the core mean of communication on WhatsApp, but many people prefer WhatsApp Voice Notes (Audio Messages) in their daily communication.

There are some flaws with the WhatsApp Voice Notes exchange program. One such is, even if you turn off the read-receipt for WhatsApp Chats, the blue tick option still works for WhatsApp Voice Notes. So, if you want to listen to WhatsApp Voice Notes Secretly without Sender Knowing, you need to apply any of these workarounds.

How to hear WhatsApp Voice Notes Without Sender Knowing – 5 Proven Techniques

These are the detailed tricks to learn how to listen to WhatsApp Voice Notes Without Sender Knowing you’ve heard it. These tricks will not show Blue Ticks to the sender even if you’ve listened to WhatsApp Voice Notes.

Airplane Mode

This is by far the best and the easiest trick to hearing WhatsApp Voice Notes without Sender Knowing. This amazing trick doesn’t need any third-party app or any special steps to follow in order to play WhatsApp Voice Notes secretly without popping the blue tick.

The only pre-requisite for this trick is to keep the Auto-Download Media option on from the Settings on WhatsApp App. Now, when you see a WhatsApp Notification of receiving a voice note, keep your mobile connected to the Internet and wait for a minute.

Then turn on the Flight Mode / Airplane Mode on your mobile phone. Now, open the WhatsApp application and play Voice Note as many times as you want while keeping your mobile phone on Airplane Mode / Flight Mode.

Now, close the WhatsApp application from the recent app. You’re ready to turn off the Flight Mode / Airplane Mode. This way no one will get to know that you’ve already played the WhatsApp Voice Note, but there’s no Blue Tick yet.

You need to keep yourself away from opening WhatsApp till the time you don’t want to show people that you have already played the WhatsApp Voice Note. Once you open WhatsApp, the sender would be able to see the Blue Tick on the WhatsApp Audio Note.

Forwarding the Message

If you frequently get WhatsApp Voice Notes, the Airplane Mode might not offer you comfort. You can’t turn on the Airplane Mode every time to hear WhatsApp Voice Notes without the sender knowing. To eliminate the trouble of turning on Flight Mode every time, we’ve discovered this unique WhatsApp Trick.

A prerequisite for this WhatsApp Trick is that you should have an extra WhatsApp Account yourself. You need to have one additional WhatsApp Account. If you are not in the condition to fulfill the pre-requisite, we have got a workaround for the same.

You can create a WhatsApp Group with your friends, and remove them after creating the group. So, you’re the only participant in that group, and you can use this “Only Me Group Chat” as well instead of other WhatsApp chats.

When you receive WhatsApp Voice Note, open the WhatsApp Chat on your mobile application and download the Voice Note. You are not supposed to play the WhatsApp Voice Note at this moment.

Once you have downloaded the WhatsApp Voice Note on your mobile app, long-press on the voice message that you want to listen to, and forward that to another WhatsApp number you have or “Only Me WhatsApp Group Chat”.

Now, you have got the WhatsApp Voice Note in the other chat, you can play the WhatsApp Audio anytime you want in this other chat.

Export the Chat

The other trick to listening to WhatsApp Voice Notes Secretly without the sender knowing is to export the chat with Media Files. Open the WhatsApp Conversation on your mobile phone where you’ve received the Audio Message. Click on the three-dot option on the top-right corner of the screen, and tap on More.

Select the Export Chat option, and continue with exporting the chat with Media Files. Now, open the chat backup on your mobile or laptop, and redirect to the audio file, and play it there instead of playing it on the WhatsApp App. That will not inform the sender that you’ve to listen to the WhatsApp Voice Note secretly.

How to listen to WhatsApp Voice Notes Secretly without Sender Knowing - DiGiTAL BiRYANi

Play in Media Player

This is an extremely easy-to-implement method if you want to hear WhatsApp Voice Notes Without Sender Knowing. You just need to download the WhatsApp Audio Note in your WhatsApp Conversation and redirect to the phone’s File Storage option without playing the audio in WhatsApp Application.

Now, locate the audio on your Local File Storage. Play that video with any of the Media Player available on your phone or computer. Enjoy the WhatsApp Voice Notes secretly without the sender knowing.

Third-Party Apps

You can also listen to Whatsapp voice messages by using the third-party apps available in the Google Play Store. You can simply search for such apps and try them if you want. However, we would not recommend this method due to security concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any way to send WhatsApp Voice Notes from WhatsApp Web?

Yes, the same way you send WhatsApp Voice Notes on Mobile App, you can send WhatsApp Voice Notes from WhatsApp Web.

How to delete WhatsApp Voice Note from the recipient’s device?

To delete WhatsApp Voice Note from the recipient’s device, you need to long-press on the voice note from the conversation, select Delete, and tap on Delete for Everyone.

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That’s how you can listen to WhatsApp Voice Notes Secretly without Sender Knowing you’ve read it. Check out some amazing WhatsApp Tips and Tricks to enjoy the seamless WhatsApp Experience.

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