Top 7 Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Software in 2024
Key Points
  • WhatsApp is a great tool for Marketing Purpose.
  • Officially, WhatsApp does not support Bulk Messaging Process.
  • Sending Bulk Messages on WhatsApp is extremely beneficial for businesses and enterprises for targeted marketing campaigns and after-sales services.
  • There are some amazing WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Software for productive WhatsApp Bulk Message Sending experience.
Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Software

WhatsApp, which started as a normal chat app, now serves 2.8 billion people monthly. WhatsApp offers a smooth UI and a seamless messaging experience to users. This combined with the no-advertisement policy has been a prime attraction for all user groups. The platform works as a primary messaging application for billions of users. 

WhatsApp, with its wide popularity across the globe, attracts businesses to communicate with their customers. WhatsApp has launched a special WhatsApp Business application for businesses to connect with their customers. Various online tools help businesses to add features on top of regular WhatsApp features. WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender tools are add-on tools that allow users to send bulk messages on WhatsApp.

Can we send Bulk Messages on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp does not allow sending bulk messages officially from the application. However, you can definitely send bulk messages on WhatsApp. There are third-party WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender tools to send bulk messages on WhatsApp. These tools allow users to send WhatsApp Bulk Messages in different formats like Excel, CSV, word, etc. Users can feed the platforms with data in the form of these different formats and the platform will take care of the rest. Based on the data fed to the WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools, the tool will start sending bulk messages.

As it is clear that sending bulk messages on WhatsApp is feasible, at least with third-party WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools, it is important to know the stand of WhatsApp in this regard.

Is WhatsApp Bulk Message Marketing Legal?

Coming to the point where it is important to know Is WhatsApp Bulk Message Marketing legal? The answer is – NO. WhatsApp does not allow users to get engaged in such activities. WhatsApp has stated publicly that misuse of automated bulk messaging features is strictly punishable under legal terms. Every month WhatsApp bans millions of users for violating the platform’s terms and conditions

So, if you’re using WhatsApp and executing WhatsApp Bulk Messaging activities, you should be more careful. There are WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Tools that let you send messages with maintaining a specific time-interval between two messages. Such features help users from getting affected by WhatsApp’s strict action against Bulk Message activities.

Let’s dive into the list of the Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools that help you boost your WhatsApp Business Marketing strategies.

List of the Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools

Platform Free Trial Starting Price
WA Web Utils Yes $8/month
WA Web Plus Yes $12/month
Brevo Yes $25/month
Growby (Formerly Whatso) No $89/year Yes $79/month
Wati No $39/month
Interakt Yes $12/month

We understand that having a long list of the 20 tools only creates chaos in the mind and makes your decision more complex. That’s why, from the wide range of WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools available online, we have curated a list of the 7 Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender platforms for you.

WA Web Utils – Most Affordable WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tool (Chrome Extension)

Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools - WA Web Utils

WA Web Utills is a super-productive WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Chrome Extension. The tiny tool lets you experience productive WhatsApp engagement with your clients, leads, and contacts on the web platform through your Chrome Browser.  

The platform allows you to send customized bulk messages to your audience. The best part about the WA Web Utils is that you can send personalized attachments as Bulk Messages. This can be a game changer for your pre-sales for lead conversions and after-sales team for personalized customer service.

Keeping in mind that WhatsApp bans the accounts involved in the Bulk message-sending process, WA Web Utils offers an amazing feature that allows you to set time intervals between two messages. This feature will help you from getting affected by WhatsApp’s actions. 

WA Web Utils is completely free for up to 200 messages per month. If you’re looking for unlimited messages, the paid plans start at a nominal price of $8 per month. Our esteemed readers can get flat 20% off with the BIRYANI20 code.


Free, $8/month onwards (Use BIRYANI20 for 20% off)

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use Google Chrome Extension
  • Set a time interval between 2 messages to save your WhatsApp account from getting banned.
  • Send Customized Bulk messages and attachments.
  • Build customer lists, and customizable templates, and send single or multiple messages right from your browser.

WA Web Plus (Chrome Extension)

Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools - WA Web Plus

WA Web Plus is a WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Chrome Extension that helps you to send bulk messages from your WhatsApp Business Web app from the Chrome Browser. The platform has a simple user interface which is super easy to use.

WA Web Plus integrates with Hubspot CRM. WA Web Plus lets you import contacts from the CRM list and send bulk messages while keeping pre-defined separation time. This feature saves you from being banned from WhatsApp. 

WA Web Plus offers a Webhooks feature that lets you send data from WA Web Plus to any third-party app/software. It also supports the Contact Synchronizing feature to allow you to synchronize your contacts with mobile phone contacts. You can even save new contacts from WA Web Plus to your mobile phone/contacts. 

The platform has free and paid plans where paid plans start from around $12 per month.


Free, $12/month onwards

Key Features

  • Contacts Sync Feature
  • Simple UI
  • Hubspot CRM Integration
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Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools - Brevo

Brevo is one of the best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools that is an official Meta Business Partner Solution. The best thing about the platform is that you can create different campaigns from the premium dashboard provided. The intuitive design makes it a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform.

Some platforms require third-party tools to integrate with WhatsApp Business APIs. However, Brevo offers you access to the WhatsApp Business APIs within the application. This enables you to create customized campaigns using message templates that include media files as well. The fully-featured WhatsApp Marketing Solution offers the WhatsApp Auto Reply Feature. You can use Brevo’s sign-up form to build a WhatsApp contact list.

Brevo supports over 100 messages and multiple countries. The best part is that it does not require any license fees to use WhatsApp Campaigns. You just need to pay for the number of messages you send depending upon the country code and WhatsApp session rules.


Free, $25/month onwards

Key Features

  • Sign up forms to build a WhatsApp Contact List.
  • Offers WhatsApp Auto Reply Feature.
  • Create Custom Message templates that include multimedia files.

Growby (Formerly Whatso)

Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools - Growby

Growby, formerly known as Whatso, is one of the best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender tools available. The platform has an exclusive anti-blocking feature for fast message delivery. Growby offers to send bulk WhatsApp messages to unlimited contacts, and it is the best thing about Growby is that they don’t charge based on the number of contacts.

Growby is a complete WhatsApp marketing solution that offers importing contacts from Excel and CSV files. This extraordinary tool allows users to create groups to send personalized messages. You can automate the Bulk message-sending process on WhatsApp through Growby. The platform provides you with a personalized inbox for 24 hours where you can connect with your customers for free.


$89 per year onwards

Key Features

  • Anti-blocking feature to send bulk messages on WhatsApp without getting blocked.
  • Automation in WhatsApp Bulk Message Sending.
  • Can send thousands of messages at once.
  • Import contacts through CSV or Excel files.

Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools - respond-io

The is not merely a WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender tool, but it is a complete business messaging software that covers text messages, emails, social media, WhatsApp, and everything. The platform works perfectly fine as a centralized tool for customized campaigns across various platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, etc.)

To utilize this platform as a WhatsApp Bulk Message sending software, you need to connect it with the WhatsApp API through WhatsApp API partners. This integration is generally on a chargeable basis. If you’re not a tech-savvy user, or looking for an easy-to-use WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender tool, you should focus on other tools mentioned in the list. 

The is an excellent choice for enterprises and businesses for a complete messaging solution in one place. The 7-day free trial can be really helpful for users to understand and utilize the features.


Free Trial for 7 days, $79/month onwards

Key Features

  • Best for enterprises and businesses.
  • Across the platform customized campaigns.


Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools - Wati

Wati is one of the best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender tools online. The platform offers an extremely easy-to-use User Interface, a boon for non-technical users. Wati lets you create your Bulk Message campaigns, and auto-schedule the messages according to your needs and requirements. You can personalize messages for each recipient for targeted marketing campaigns. 

Wati is capable of handling businesses’ online stores on WhatsApp. It utilizes WhatsApp Business API for top-class service and support. Wati also offers real-time updates on your products’ sales and stock alerts. The platform offers a Wati API Gateway, that you can use to customize your software for WhatsApp Business Integration.

Wati is a fully functional WhatsApp Marketing Solution that offers a productive WhatsApp Bulk message-sending feature. If you’re looking for a focused tool specifically for the bulk message-sending process on WhatsApp, you can always check other tools. Wati, definitely, is a great WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tool, but paying for its subscription solely for the bulk message feature may cost you a little high compared to others.


 $39/month onwards

Key Features

  • Fully Featured WhatsApp Marketing Solution.
  • Personalized Bulk Messages
  • Import and Export contacts and new numbers from CSV files.
  • WhatsApp API Partner solution offers Wati API Gateway


Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools - Interakt

Interakt is a robust WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tool with various features for full-stack WhatsApp Marketing. It is a fully-featured platform that offers you a shared inbox, customized campaigns, automated workflows, detailed analytic tools, and many other features for AI-powered WhatsApp Marketing.

The best thing about Interakt is that you can create custom WhatsApp e-commerce for a personalized shopping experience. It also supports you in the WhatsApp green-tick verification process. That builds the trust for your brand among customers. The tiny WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tool lets you automate alerts for orders, deliveries, and similar information.

Along with creating customized and hyper-targeted WhatsApp campaigns, you can track your campaigns through an analytics dashboard. The platform offers a free trial of 14 days, and after that, the basic package starts from $12/month onwards.


Free Trial 14 days, $12/month onwards

Key Features

  • Customized WhatsApp Storefront
  • Shared Inbox
  • WhatsApp Green Tick Verification Support
  • Campaign Analytics Tool
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is WhatsApp Bulk Message Marketing legal?

WhatsApp Bulk Message sending is not legal in India. The platform does not allow bulk messaging but businesses use third-party tools to do Bulk Message Sending.

Which is the most affordable WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tool?

 WA Web Utils is the most affordable WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tool available online.

Can I send WhatsApp Bulk Messages through WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools without saving the numbers?

Yes, many of these amazing WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender  Tools allow you to send bulk messages without saving a phone number.

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Can we use WhatsApp for Marketing purposes in small-scale businesses?

Yes, WhatsApp is an extremely productive marketing solution for small-scale businesses.

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These WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Tools can be a game changer for your businesses. You can choose a WhatsApp bulk sender tool that streamlines your communication, boosts engagement, and ultimately helps you achieve your marketing goals based on your requirements.

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