Top Websites To Know The Summary of Terms And Conditions in 2023

If you’re registering on any website or downloading any software or data, you must’ve got this check box every time – “I Have Read and Agree to Terms and Conditions”. Do you read all terms and conditions or agree with the conditions without reading? How many times have you read terms and conditions before agreeing to them? Once? Twice? Ummm… Okay.! NEVER, right?

What do you think – Is it a good idea to agree with terms and conditions without reading? The answer should be No, A Big No. It is always a good practice to have a basic idea about terms and conditions before agreeing. But those terms and conditions are structured in such a way that even reading a part of it is also a time-consuming task. We find it a boring task to read them. Hence, we choose to skip the part.

Now onwards you don’t need to worry about that. Next time, just ask yourself – Terms of Service – Didn’t Read?  Don’t worry, check this solution from DiGiTAL BiRYANi. We’re discussing websites that summarize the Terms of Service of various websites in one click.

Websites To Know Summary of Terms of Conditions

Here in this blog, we’re going to discuss top websites that help in summarizing the terms and conditions of various websites, software, and platforms.

Terms of Service – Didn’t Read | ToS;DR

Terms of Service; Didn't Read is a platform to know the summary of Terms and Conditions of various websites and softwares.

ToS;DR is a platform that analyzes the terms of service of various websites. It was started as a community project in 2012. The main aim of the ToS;DR movement is to help fix the ‘biggest lie on the Internet’. The name ToS;DR is inspired by the internet acronym “Too Long; Didn’t Read”.

If you want to know what is there in the terms and conditions of various websites, you need to search it on the ToS;DR. If the website details are available on the platform, it will show you the summary of the terms and conditions of the website. In the ToS;DR website, sites are evaluated based on their terms and conditions analysis. From Grade E (worst) to Grade A (best), the various websites are evaluated. When you open the ToS;DR website, by default it shows you the summary of terms and conditions of major websites.

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TLDRLegal is a platform that summarized software licences and website terms in simple English.

If you’re looking for software license or website terms summarized in plain English, TLDRLegal is the place you need. The platform has been simplifying the Terms and Conditions of Open Source/ Software licenses since 2012. When you go to the website of TLDRLegal, on the home page by default you can see platforms classified in three parts – Featured, Most Popular, and Legal. The platform summarizes Terms of Service of various platforms in very simple English and point to point.


TOSBack helps users find the difference in various versions of Terms of Service

TOSBack is terms of service tracker because only knowing the summary of terms and conditions is not enough as it changes frequently. It was started as a collaboration between ToS;DR, EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), and the Internet Society. Websites and Online Platforms change their Terms of Services frequently. It is not easy to track them. TOSBack helps users find the difference in various versions of Terms of Service.



ChatGPT is an AI-Powered language model designed to answer human-like responses from the data it is fed. You can ask on that platform to get a summary of the terms and conditions of a specific website. If it has the data available, you can get the desired response from the platform. However, you can not rely on that response solely. if you need precise information. But, you can definitely get the basic idea. You can even integrate ChatGPT with WhatsApp to get the quick replies on your queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the need of Terms of Services for Softwares?

Terms of Services act as a legally binding contract between the users and the software owner. In that software, the owner shows the ownership of the platform and the content (logo, texts, etc.). It helps Software Owners to prevent abuses on the platform. The owner can put the term to terminate the account in case of abuse. In short, it works as a legally binding contract.

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DiGiTAL BiRYANi aims to boost Digital Productivity among the Digital Community. Hence, we believe that understanding the terms and conditions before agreeing is necessary. So as a part of our goal of boosting Digital Productivity, we have shared this article with you. We request you to use any of these websites to know about terms and conditions before agreeing.

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