How To Record WhatsApp Calls on Your Android Smartphone?

Nowadays, It is very hard to find a smartphone without WhatsApp installed on it. With more than 2 billion active monthly users, WhatsApp holds one of the top positions in the Mobile App industry.

Initially, in 2009 it was started as an instant messaging application that was used to send and receive only messages. Over the period of time, WhatsApp has evolved rapidly. It has been launching new functionalities very frequently since the beginning. WhatsApp Calling Feature is one such gem functionality.

WhatsApp users spend over 2 billion minutes on calls every day. It’s an exceptionally astonishing figure. WhatsApp has reduced the distance between two countries with seamless calling functionality. Those days when people used to pay high charges to mobile operators to call someone in a foreign country are gone. WhatsApp makes it possible for us to have the call for free.

The WhatsApp Call is perfect for a variety of purposes: from studying and business meetings, through endless chats with friends and family, to endless conversations with friends and loved ones. It is really a boon feature for the users, but it lacks Call Record Functionality.

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It is human nature to forget things easily, but when on a client call one cannot afford to do so. Thus, Call Record Feature is required in such cases. While studying with a friend over a call, the recording feature provides an ease to refer to the conversation at any point in time. As human beings we love to capture memories, so why not capture call memories with our friends or phone calls with our special someone in our lives?

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not provide any direct option to record a call. But, here on DiGiTAL BiRYANi, we’ve come up with the solution. As we don’t have any direct option provided by WhatsApp, we need to use a third-party application to record the WhatsApp Calls.

There are many such Call Recorders available, but we’ll proceed with the Cube Call Recorder. Users consider this App as trustworthy and easy to use. It has 10 million+ downloads on the Play Store and 4.3+ ratings.

Cube Call Recorder App to record WhatsApp Audio Calls on your Android Smartphone.
Source: Google Play Store

Follow these steps to get an answer to your question How to record WhatsApp Audio Calls on your Android Smartphone?

Steps to Record WhatsApp Audio Calls

  • From Google Play Store install the App called Cube Call Recorder.
  • Grant the App all required permissions.
  • After that, Open WhatsApp and make a call that you want to record. A widget will show that your call is being recorded. If at all, the widget does not appear, open the Cube Call Recorder App, and tap on the microphone icon. It will start recording the call thereafter.
  • Sometimes, it might not work on your device or it records only your voice. In such situations, try changing the recording source in the Settings in the App, or you can opt for an auto-on speaker mode.

This way using the Cube Call Recorder App you can record Voice Calls on WhatsApp. Apart from WhatsApp, it also supports recording normal phone calls, Signal, Skype7, Skype Lite, Hangouts, Facebook, Line, Slack, Telegram, Viber, and many more.

DiGiTAL BiRYANi has shared this information for educational purposes only. We do not support any illegal or unethical activities. Before recording any calls please confirm that it’s not violating any laws from the caller/callee’s region. We recommend that All parties involved in the conversation should be notified before the recording starts that the call will be recorded.

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