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4 Proven Tricks To Read WhatsApp (Group) Message Without Sender Knowing You’ve Read

Proven Tricks To Read WhatsApp (Group) Message Without Sender Knowing You’ve Read

WhatsApp is a daily place for regular, casual, professional, and all types of communication. Users often feel WhatsApp should have many aspects/features by default, but it does not. Sometimes users want to use the existing feature in a different way. It’s likely that you’ve wished at least once that you could read an arriving message without the sender knowing. There is an official solution from WhatsApp to achieve this. However, that trick prevents you from knowing whether the other person has read the message you send or not. There are other ways you can achieve this. Before we discuss the various ways to read the WhatsApp Message without the sender knowing you’ve read it, first we will discuss how to know if a WhatsApp Message has been read.

How To Know If A WhatsApp Message Has Been Read?

When a user sends a WhatsApp message, there is one symbol associated with the message. There are three types of symbols out there, and each symbol possesses a different meaning.

Different Ways To Read The WhatsApp Message Without The Sender Knowing You’ve Read It

There are various ways you can chillingly read WhatsApp messages from anyone while watching movies or traveling without the sender knowing you’ve read it so that you can avoid unwanted conversations at unwanted times.

The Official Way From WhatsApp

There’s an official way from WhatsApp to hide the read recipients. Follow the below simple steps to hide the blue ticks from WhatsApp.

Settings > Account Settings > Privacy Settings > Turn Off Read Receipts

The biggest disadvantage of this trick is that you can’t see the blue ticks of others, i.e., you cannot see if the message you sent is read by the receiver or not! To overcome this issue, let’s drive onto the next trick 😉

From the Notification Window

If you don’t want your reader to have an idea that you’ve read the message, and that too without hiding blue ticks, then this is the best idea you can follow. As soon as you receive the WhatsApp message, just open the notification window and read the message. The message will still be in the Unread form until you open the message.

This trick also lacks in a few aspects. If you’ve muted someone on WhatsApp with Notifications off, you can’t get their messages in your Notification Window. In such cases, you can’t use the above-mentioned trick. Moreover, if the receiver has sent you a long message or multiple messages along with media files, you simply can’t use this trick.

The next trick we’re going to discuss will solve all these queries. You can even read WhatsApp Group messages using the next trick without the sender knowing you’ve read it.

Airplane Mode Trick

Every phone has the option to switch to Airplane Mode. We can use that option to read the WhatsApp message without the sender knowing you’ve read it. This option even helps in reading WhatsApp Group Messages secretly.

WhatsApp Widget

Android Smartphones allow you to add WhatsApp Widgets on the home screen. On that WhatsApp Widget, anyone can see the unread messages without the sender knowing that you’ve read them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why even after waiting for some time, there is only a single tick associated with the message?

A single tick means the message is not delivered to the receiver’s WhatsApp. There are multiple factors behind the single tick. If the receiver has blocked the sender, the receiver can’t get the sender’s message. There will always be a single tick. Network / Internet issue at the receiver’s end is also one of the reasons behind single tick.

When can I switch off the Airplane Mode while using the Airplane Mode trick?

Once you read the message, you need to completely close the App, even from Recent Apps. Only then can you turn off Airplane Mode.


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