How To Use Internet in Flight Mode – Proven Trick

Airplane Mode / Flight Mode on the mobile phone restricts you from all the wireless networks and radio signals including Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile Data, Radio, etc. You neither use the Internet in Flight Mode nor use any of the mentioned services while being in Airplane Mode. 

That is very much realistic and correct as the true motive of Flight Mode is to keep your phone disconnected from all wireless signals. However, there’re times when you want to use the Flight Mode for a whole new set of reasons and there’s no harm in using the Internet during that period. For that reason, we’re sharing a very useful and informative trick to use the Internet in flight mode.

Why Use Internet in Flight Mode?

You might have turned on the Airplane Mode on the Internet to temporarily block incoming messages and calls to avoid someone. During such a period there’s no harm if you using the Internet while being in Flight Mode. The proven trick we’re sharing here to use the internet in flight mode will help you a lot in such a period.

Mobile Phone Batteries charge speedily when the mobile phone is put in Flight Mode while charging. So, there’s a high chance you turn on the Airplane Mode to speed up your mobile phone charging. During this time if you want to use the Internet for some urgent reason, the trick we’re sharing here to use the Internet in Flight Mode will be a life-saver hack for you.

Step-by-Step Guide To Use Internet in Flight Mode

As of now, there’s no way you can use the Internet in Flight Mode. But we’re sharing this blog to help our readers to make this seemingly impossible task possible. Follow these simple steps to use the Internet in Flight Mode.

  • Unlock your mobile phone and turn on the Mobile Data.
  • Turn On the Flight Mode / Airplane Mode on your mobile phone.
  • After that, open the dialer on your mobile phone.
  • Type *#*#4636#*#* on the dialer.
Steps To Use Internet in Flight Mode.
  • You’ll be redirected to the Testing Screen. From here select Phone Information 1 (if you’ve enabled Mobile Data of SIM 1) or Phone Information 2 (if you’ve enabled Mobile Data of SIM 2).
  • Now Scroll Deon and search for the ‘Mobile Radio Power’ option.
  • Tap on the Mobile Radio Power option and make it enabled.
  • This will start the Internet while being in the Airplane Mode / Flight Mode option.
  • Now, go to the web browser and open to test the Internet.
Steps To Use Internet in Flight Mode.

Our team has tested this trick successfully on the Xiaomi POCO F1 device. This trick may not work on some of the devices based on the phone manufacturer and Android version. So, if the above-mentioned trick to use Internet in Flight Mode is not working on your mobile phone device, there’s a high chance that your mobile device / OS version does not support this method.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Airplane Mode / Flight Mode?

Airplane mode is a setting available on smartphones. It disables a device’s cellular radio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth—all the wireless transmission functions.

How does turning on Airplane Mode / Flight Mode save battery power?

Mobile devices consume a lot of power, communicating with cell towers, scanning for and connecting to nearby Wi-Fi networks, waiting for incoming Bluetooth connections, and checking your location occasionally. Turning on Airplane Mode will disable all these functionalities. Hence it will save a great amount of battery power after turning on the Airplane Mode / Flight Mode.

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Ultimately the goal is to learn and apply as many new tricks as possible to attain the productivity zenith. This blog was one such try to help our readers attain higher digital productivity. We request our readers to try this trick out to use Internet in Flight Mode / Airplane Mode and share the ultimate feedback with us. That would help us to serve you better.

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