How to Track Location of Anyone On Instagram?

Instagram users usually get an idea of the locations of Instagram accounts for free using the app’s quite useful built-in location search features. Active Instagram users know about the location option of the posts, which enables users to share the exact location where they took the photo.

Therefore, checking someone’s most recent posts and stories updates is a simple way to find out where they are on Instagram.

But, does this option always work accurately?

No, it doesn’t.

The Downside of Instagram’s In-Built Location Feature

Although Instagram gives users the option to add their location to the Add Location Field, there is no guarantee that the location they have entered is correct. 

It is also an optional feature, so it might be possible that the majority of the time, the location details are empty due to laziness, privacy issues, or any other reason.

Multiple location names are available for a specific location, which is another drawback of this option.

When you enter the Taj Mahal as your photo location, for instance, a list of options with descriptions of the Taj Mahal will show up in the location tab. Taj Mahal Agra, Taj Mahal Parking, Taj Mahal Restaurant, etc. may all fall under this category.

That will leave you with no location or the wrong location of Instagram users.

If you’re looking for the exact location of anyone’s Instagram Account to track them on Google Maps in real-time, the in-built location functionality is of no use.

So, if not Instagram’s in-built location feature, what is the option to track someone’s location on Instagram?

In this detailed guide, you can find an amazing trick to track location of anyone on Instagram.

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How to Track Location of Anyone on Instagram – Detailed Guide

  • Open Instagram on your mobile app or web browser and log in to your account.
  • Redirect to the Instagram account of the person whose location you want to track and copy the link.
  • Open the IP Logger Website on your web browser.
  • Paste the link that you’ve copied to the IP Tracker Website.
  • Click on the Create URL option.
How to Track Location of Anyone On Instagram - 01
  • The IP Logger website will create the link to track the location of anyone on Instagram. 
  • Copy that link from the Grabify IP Logger website. Also, note down the Tracking Code mentioned on the screen.
How to Track Location of Anyone On Instagram - 02
  • Send this link on Instagram to the person whose location you wanted to track.
  • Add some clickbait text along with it, and try to convince the person to click the link.
  • As soon as the person clicks the URL, you’ll get the details of his location along with his IP address.
  • Use the Tracking Code provided by Grabify IP Logger to track these details.
How to Track Location of Anyone On Instagram - 03
  • Once you click the Tracking Code button after entering the correct Tracking Code, you’ll get all the required details.
How to Track Location of Anyone On Instagram - 04

This is the simple trick that helped you learn how to track the location of anyone on Instagram. Now that you know how to track anyone’s location on Instagram, you can use this whenever needed—obviously not for bad intentions!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can someone track my location on Instagram?

Yes, just like you can track anyone’s location on Instagram, anybody can track your location on Instagram. You need to be cautious while clicking the links you get on Instagram. You can even refer to this detailed guide from DiGiTAL BiRYANi to check if the link is safe to open or not!

Can we see the ‘Live Location’ on Instagram?

No, Instagram does not offer any feature that shows us the Live Location of the users. The only way to learn the user’s live location is if they are doing Instagram Live Sessions and informing you of their location, or if you see the background.

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That’s what it takes to track location of anyone on Instagram. There are a few other tricks, but this is the easiest trick that can help you to track location of anyone on Instagram. 

We request our esteemed readers to consider this article an educational article. The trick is shared here for study purposes only. Any misuse or unethical use of this trick can lead to legal consequences.

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