You can now officially Schedule Posts on Instagram for Free

Instagram is known for launching user-friendly features on a regular basis. The platform that was launched as a photo-sharing application is now a fully-featured social media and marketing platform that is loved globally by marketers and creators.

The Meta-owned platform has recently launched a feature to Schedule Posts on Instagram for professional account holders. All Instagram users with professional accounts will be able to schedule posts on Instagram up to 75 days in advance. This facility to schedule posts for Instagram will be available through the official Instagram App.

Till now, Instagram users need to rely upon third-party apps working as Instagram Posts Schedulers. But, now with this official feature from Instagram, users will be able to schedule posts on Instagram without third-party apps. The feature will be available for both – Android and iOS Instagram apps.

The platform is launching this feature, that allows users to schedule posts on Instagram for Free, in a phased manner. They have already started rolling out the feature. And within a few weeks, every Instagram user across the globe will have access to the feature.

The only pre-requisite is to have a Professional Instagram Account to use Instagram Schedule Posts feature. If you’re using Instagram for Business, you’re probably using the Professional Instagram Account. And if not, you can convert your normal Instagram account into a Professional Instagram Account without paying a penny. It’s completely free!

Steps to Schedule Posts on Instagram for Free without third-party apps

Follow these simple steps to schedule posts on Instagram for free without third-party apps. You’ll require to have Instagram Professional Account.

  • Update Instagram Mobile App on your phone to the latest version.
  • Open the Instagram App on your mobile phone.
  • Log in to your Instagram Professional Account.
  • Proceed with posting a regular post or reel from the Instagram App.
  • Complete all the editing and apply appropriate filters.
  • Once the editing is done, click on the next.
  • Complete the other required process like captions, tags, location, music, etc.
  • Now, instead of posting, Click on the Advanced Settings option at the bottom.
You can now officially Schedule Posts on Instagram for Free. Select Advanced Settings option to schedule post on Instagram
  • From the Advanced Settings, you’ll get an option – Schedule this Post. This option will be visible once the feature is rolled out for your app. Select the option.
  • Select the appropriate time and date you want to make your Instagram Post live.
  • Boom, you’re done. The content will be posted on the scheduled date and time.

The feature will help creators to schedule posts on Instagram in advance without worrying about their tight schedules and deadlines. The feature was awaited for a very long, and finally, Instagram is rolling out this amazing feature to schedule posts on Instagram.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why am I not seeing the ‘Schedule This Post’ option after tapping Advanced Settings?

Instagram is rolling out the Instagram Post Scheduler feature in a phased manner. The feature will be made available to all users globally in a few weeks. Your version of the Instagram App might not have got the feature yet. Try updating the Instagram App, and wait for a few weeks to get the feature.

How many days in advance can I schedule posts on Instagram?

You can schedule Instagram Posts up to 75 days in advance.

Can I schedule Instagram Reels in advance using this feature?

Yes, you can schedule Instagram reels in advance using this feature.

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That’s how the official Instagram Posts Scheduler feature works. Try out the latest feature on your Instagram App, and avail all the benefits of freedom and comfort by scheduling posts in well advance. Share your valuable feedback with us and let us know your experience.

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