How to Remove and Unlist Phone Number from TrueCaller? (2024)

TrueCaller is a caller-identification mobile app, launched in 2009. The Sweedish App is used by 150 million daily active users across the globe. TrueCaller also offers various features like call-blocking, flash-messaging, call-recording, voice chat, etc. Even though having a bunch of features, the USP of TrueCaller is a caller-identification service.

TrueCaller is a go-to place for people to get details about any phone number. If you’ve installed a TrueCaller on your mobile phone, When you receive a phone call from an unknown number, it will show you the name and other details about the caller. This has provided great ease and relief to people from unknown and fraud calls.

TrueCaller can show contact details, irrespective of the fact that whether the contact number is registered on TrueCaller or not! Even if you have not registered your details, there is a high possibility that TrueCaller has your data. And it is being displayed to other users. That leads people to search for the steps to unlist numbers from TrueCaller.

How does TrueCaller expose the details of non-registered users?

To have an answer for How to remove your phone number from TrueCaller?, First, you need to understand How TrueCaller works? Have a look at the image below and understand how the TrueCaller actually works.

How TrueCaller works?
It identifies non-registered numbers with the help of phones that have both - TrueCaller installed and that non-registered number saved.

TrueCaller is a ‘Crowd-Sourced’ Application. It identifies non-registered numbers with the help of phones that have both – TrueCaller installed and that non-registered number saved. To use the TrueCaller, a user has to permit the App to access his Contact List. Therefore, TrueCaller has access to the contact lists of all its users. From there TrueCaller gets data and shows it to others.

Why do you need to unlist your Phone Number from TrueCaller?

The simple and the foremost thing is there’s a very high chance that your personal details are getting exposed to millions of people and you’re not even aware of the fact. Moreover, TrueCaller not only shows your mobile numbers but also your home and office landline numbers.

Based on the TrueCaller’s working style explained in the above section, it must be clear to you that you don’t have an option to prevent TrueCaller from getting your details. However, If you want to prevent TrueCaller from exposing your contact details to millions of unknown users, you can follow these simple steps.

How To Unlist Your Phone Number From TrueCaller?

TrueCaller provides an option to unlist the mobile number from TrueCaller’s database. To prevent other users from seeing your phone number and other details on TrueCaller you need to unlist your phone number. You can unlist your mobile number as well as your landline number. TrueCaller can show your landline and home phone number details, too.

Read carefully and follow the instructions if you want to remove and unlist your phone number from TrueCaller.

  • If you’re a TrueCaller user, first you need to deactivate your TrueCaller account, and then unlist your phone number from TrueCaller.
  • Similarly, If you’re not a TrueCaller user, you can directly unlist your phone number from TrueCaller.
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Deactivate a TrueCaller account

  • Open TrueCaller Mobile Application.
  • Click on the three-stripes menu in the upper left corner and open Settings.
  • After that, Go to Privacy Center and select Deactivate.
  • Popup will appear, select Yes and your TrueCaller account will be deactivated.
Deactivate TrueCaller account - Click on the Yes from the popup and your TrueCaller account will be deactivated.

Now, your TrueCaller account is deactivated. Follow these steps to unlist your phone number from TrueCaller.

TrueCaller Number Unlist Steps

  • Open TrueCaller Unlisting Page
  • Enter your phone number in the text box along with the country code and validate the captcha.
  • Click on the Unlist Button.
  • If asked the reason, you may give the reason or skip and continue the unlisting process.

Your phone number will be unlisted from the TrueCaller within 24 hours. TrueCaller will not show the unlisted number and corresponding details to its users anymore.

However, people have observed that after a long time TrueCaller may start showing your number to users. So, have a quick check every few months and check your number on TrueCaller. If you find your number visible on TrueCaller, re-run the Unlisting Steps. It will ensure that your phone number is not visible on the TrueCaller.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do we need to repeat TrueCaller Unlist Process or is it a one-time process?

Based on people’s experience, you need to execute this process at the interval of a few months. This will ensure that your details are not available to strangers all around the world.

I want to use TrueCaller, but I don’t want people to see my details. Is it possible?

No. To unlist your phone number from TrueCaller, the first step you need to execute is to deactivate the TrueCaller account.

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