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In today’s interconnected world, our lives are seamlessly intertwined with technology. Whether it’s sending a text message, making a call, or browsing the internet, our digital footprints leave traces that can be intriguing or, at times, essential to uncover. Have you ever wondered how to find someone’s IP address by phone number? While it may sound like a page out of a cyber detective’s handbook, it’s a skill that can come in handy for various reasons, from cybersecurity to tracking down online harassers.

In this digital age, where privacy concerns are growing, understanding the basics of tracking an IP address from a phone number can help you safeguard your online presence or investigate suspicious activities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of IP addresses, exploring the methods and tools available to uncover this vital piece of information. So, whether you’re a concerned netizen wanting to protect your online identity or a curious individual looking to demystify the secrets of the digital realm, you’re in the right place. Let’s embark on this journey to learn how to find someone’s IP address by phone number.

Can You Find the IP Address from your phone?

The answer is Yes. Yes, you can easily find the IP Address from your mobile phone. To find the IP address from your phone, you don’t need any additional software or third-party tools. You can directly find the IP address of the network you’re currently connected to on your phone. The easiest way to find the IP address from your phone is to redirect to the network details section and get the IP address details for completely free.

How to Find IP Address from Phone?

Follow this detailed guide to find the IP address from your mobile phone. IP Address details are generally found in the mobile phone’s Network Details section or About Phone section. This method is tried on Google Pixel 6a device. 

  • Open your Android mobile phone.
  • Redirect to the Settings section of your mobile phone.
  • Scroll down to the About Phone section. Tap on the About Phone option.
  • Now, you will see different details regarding your phone. Under Device Identifiers options, you’ll find IP Addresses option.
  • Get your phone’s IP Address from there. You’ll get the ip4 and ip6 address from this option.
how to find someone's IP address by phone number

If you don’t find IP address in About Phone section, you can get it from the Network section. Check the network / WiFi option in Network Settings on your phone, and find the current network you’re connected to. There you can find the IP Address on your phone’s current network.

Can You Find Someone’s IP Address by Phone Number?

No, you generally cannot find someone’s IP address by phone number alone. IP addresses and phone numbers are two separate types of information, and they are not directly linked in a way that allows you to determine someone’s IP address solely based on their phone number.

IP addresses are associated with devices connected to the internet, while phone numbers are associated with mobile phones and landlines for communication purposes. These pieces of information serve different functions and are typically not publicly disclosed in a way that makes it easy to correlate one with the other.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address by Phone Number?

As we have already mentioned, there is no direct way to find someone’s IP Address by phone number. However, there are some workarounds that can help us to find someone’s IP Address through a phone number.

Directly Ask The Person About Their IP Address

This is the easiest way to get someone’s IP Address. Since you have the other person’s phone number, you can call them and ask directly. You need to directly ask the other person about their IP address. If the other person agrees and informs you of the IP Address, your work is done. This will mean that the other person has given his consent to you to know their IP Address. This may avoid future legal consequences as well.

Borrow The Other Person’s Phone

If you manage to get the other person’s mobile phone in your control for a minute, you can easily find the IP Address. This may not be the correct method, but as a workaround, this can be an effective way to find someone’s IP Address by phone number. You can follow the steps mentioned in the above section “How to Find IP Address from Phone?” in this blog.

Manage to get their WiFi Password

This is another workaround to find someone’s IP address by phone number. If you manage to get the other person’s WiFi password, you can easily find their IP address. You can get the IP address from the service providers’ portal, where you can log in using their WiFi password. Once you log in to the service providers’ portal using a WiFi password, you can see the IP addresses of the devices connected to that particular network.

How to Get IP Address from Phone Number Using Tracing Links?

“Tracing links” typically refers to links or URLs that are designed to track user interactions, such as clicks, engagement with online content, location, IP Addresses, etc. There are online Tracing Links platforms that let you create Tracing Links. IP Logger, Grabify are some well-known Tracing Link Generator platforms. You can find them and others on the Internet.

You can create such a tracking link, and send it to the other person in such a way that the person clicks on that link. Once the person clicks on your tracing link, you’ll get the required IP address of that person’s mobile phone.

It’s also important to note that attempting to find someone’s IP address without their consent or for malicious purposes may be unethical and potentially illegal in some jurisdictions. Always respect privacy and adhere to applicable laws and regulations when dealing with personal information and online activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I stop people from finding my IP Address without my consent?

If you want to protect your privacy and keep people from tracing your IP address, use a good VPN platform.

Is it legal to find someone’s IP Address by phone number?

IP addresses are considered personal information, and accessing or obtaining such information without authorization may violate privacy laws and regulations in many jurisdictions. If you’re doing it for study purposes and not doing any harm to anyone, this may be alright. However, it is always advised to do such studies after obtaining consent from the other person.

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That’s how you can find someone’s IP Address by phone number. The above-mentioned methods may not work fully, but this will definitely help you to reach to your goal. Try these methods and share your feedback with us to help us serve you better.

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