How To Manage Content Appearing On Instagram Explore Page?

Instagram holds one of the top positions among the most used Social Networking platforms. The platform which was started as a simple photo-sharing app is now one of the most loved social media platforms by users and brands. Over the period of time, the platform has changed frequently and evolved as one of the finest places to spend time on the Internet. Instagram has various sections in the App to provide a better user experience to its valuable users. Explore Page is one of them as it allows you to connect with more and more people and brands that are not connected to you already. Let’s discuss how you can get the best out of your Instagram Explore Page.

What, exactly, is the Instagram Explore Page?

Instagram Explore Page is a section on the Instagram app, that shows different posts to you from the account you don’t follow. Facebook-owned – Instagram – handles real-time curation of Instagram Explore Page from the server’s end. Instagram Explore Page is really a convenient platform for brands and products to reach the new mass. The Instagram algorithm helps the brands to get an audience who might be their future customers from the Explore Page. As an Instagram user, you can go to the Instagram Explore Page by selecting the magnifying glass icon in the bottom line.

What is Instagram Explore Page explained by DiGiTAL BiRYANi

How Instagram Explore Page Algorithm Works?

The main goal of the Explore Page is to show you posts based on your interest. Whatever posts you engage today, get ready to see similar posts on your Explore Page in the future. That’s how it is. It helps you to get engaged with new posts of your interests. Instagram Explore Page algorithm tracks your interactions on the other posts. All the posts you like, comment, save and engage – based on that, the algorithm shows you similar posts on your Explore Page. The algorithm is designed to attract you to engage with more and more posts. They only predict your potential actions, such as like, share, save, comments on the posts, to show them on Instagram Explore Page.

Factors That Affects The Visibility Of Posts on Instagram Explore Page

The Explore Page considers multiple factors to show you posts, as below.

Your Activity

The posts you like, comment, share, and save play an important role in this. Instagram considers those posts as your interest and tries to show more such posts on the Explore Page. Your activity on the Explore Page also is an important factor. Based on your interaction with the posts on Instagram Explore Page, you’ll get other posts on the same page.

Poster’s Details and Your Past Interaction With Poster

On the Explore Page, You will only see posts from those posters that you don’t follow. However, you might have interacted with the same poster in the past on the explore page. If you interact and engage with some posts on Explore Page, Instagram thinks that you like to see more posts from the same poster so they will show you the same. The algorithm also considers other user’s engagement with the poster’s posts on the Explore Page.

Information About Post

For the specific posts to get visible on the Explore Page, how other users are engaging with the post is one of the prime factors. If more users are liking, commenting, saving, and sharing the post then the Instagram algorithm will automatically show it to a wider audience through Instagram Explore Page.

How Can You Manage Posts You Show On Instagram Explore Page?

As you know that Instagram’s Algorithm is in charge of curating the posts you see on the Explore Page. Also, you cannot directly manage which posts you wish to view on the Explore Page. However, there are multiple ways you can gradually set up your Instagram Explore Page based on your wish. DiGiTAL BiRYANi has prepared a list of techniques to manage your Instagram Explore Page.

Use ‘Not Interested’ Option Often

The Not Interested option lets you eliminate the posts you don’t want to have on your Explore Page. This is a very simple technique to inform Instagram Algorithms that you’re not interested in this type of post. It is very easy to implement.

  • Open Your Instagram Account from Android or iPhone.
  • Select the magnifying glass icon from the bottom bar. That will open the Instagram Explore Page.
  • Select any post that you don’t want on your Explore Page.
  • Click on the three dot menu from the right top corner of the post and select Not interested. Instagram will show you the message that the post has been hidden and they will show fewer posts like this in future.
Use Not Interested option to manage eliminate unwanted content on the Instagram Explore Page
How To Manage Content Shown On Instagram Explore Page DiGiTAL BiRYANi 03

Clear Your Instagram Search History

Searching also plays a vital role in the visibility of the post on the Explore Page. Your search history informs Instagram that you’re interested in a particular topic. Hence, the algorithm will show you more posts like this. So, if you want to manage or change posts on the explore page, the first thing you need to do is clear your search history by following simple steps.

  • Open Your Instagram Account from Android or iPhone.
  • Go to your profile section by selecting the profile icon – the right most in the bottom bar.
  • Select the three horizontal dashes on the top right section of your profile.
Tap on the three horizontal dash on the top right corner as first step of clearing your Instagram Chat History.
  • Select the Settings from the different menus.
Tap on the Settings from the various options.
  • Tap on the Security option.
Select Security option.
  • Select the Search History option under the Data and History section.
Go to the Search History option in the Data and History section.
  • You’ll see your search history. Select Clear All option.
Select Clear All option.
  • You’ll get a pop up box asking if you really want to clear all your search history. Tap Clear All mentioned on the popup box.
Again Select Clear All

Manage Your User Followings and Hashtag Followings

Instagram also considers the user accounts and hashtags you follow as one of the factors to show your posts on your Explore Page. Hence, you should be careful while following a profile or hashtag on Instagram. You can unfollow the unwanted profiles and hashtags from your following lists. Follow these steps to unfollow unwanted users and hashtags.

  • Open Instagram on your Android or iPhone.
  • Go to your profile section by selecting the profile icon – the right most in the bottom bar.
  • Select the Following section, where the number indicating the number of people you follow is mentioned.
Tap on the Following Button
  • You’ll see the list of people you’re following. Along with all names there will be a button labelled as Following. On the same screen you’ll see the section Hashtags. You need to click on that section to see the list of Hashtags you’re following.
  • If you want to unfollow any Instagram User – Tap on the Following button next to the username and select Unfollow.
Hashtags will open the list of Hashtags you follow. Following Button will open option to unfollow the specific Instagram User
  • If you want to unfollow any Hashtags – Go to the Hashtags section. There you can see the list of hashtags you’re following in the same format as user profiles. You can unfollow a hashtag by tapping on the Following button next to its name and selecting Unfollow.
How To Manage Content Shown On Instagram Explore Page DiGiTAL BiRYANi 12
  • This way you can unfollow user profiles and hashtags on your Instagram.

Engage More With The Similar Accounts and Hashtags You Want To See On Explore Page

You need to engage more with the similar content that you want to see on your Instagram Explore Page. Follow such accounts and hashtags. Like, comment, save and share such content more often. This way you inform the Instagram algorithm that you like these types of content and you want to see more such content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I regularly search something on Instagram and then instantly clear my search history each time, will Instagram show me that type of content on the Explore Page?

Yes. Instagram will show you that type of content on the Instagram Explore Page. You can’t fool algorithms that way. Search History is not the only parameter that the platform considers to show posts on the Explore Page. Instagram Algorithm tracks everything and then based on that will show you the content.

How do you know if your post is on the Instagram Explore Page?

Certainly, there is no exact way to know that your post is on the Explore Page. However, if your post has got a good engagement from your followers, and after that, you’re getting responses from unknown people who are not following you, then that is a sign that your post might have got a place on the Explore Page.

Can I delete the Instagram Explore Page for my account?

You can not delete the Instagram Explore Page section from your account. However, you can surely use any of the above methods to manage the content on your Explore Page.


Instagram is available free of cost. However, users provide their most valuable asset to the platform – their valuable Time. So, it is necessary to use the time we spend on Instagram wisely. Hence, in order to get the best of your interest out of Instagram, we, at DiGiTAL BiRYANi, have shared this blog with you all.

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