DTube – Blockchain Based YouTube Alternative Where You Can Earn Crypto in 2022

If you’re to name some of the best video platforms online. What all names will you include? YouTube, Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, and a few others, right? These all are similar platforms available on the internet for video streaming. In this blog, we’re going to discuss one online video platform – DTube. It is similar to these platforms in terms of user experience. But, in reality, the platform is very different from these conventional online video platforms. One such cool thing is, it allows users to earn in Cryptos for creating and curating the content.

First, let’s discuss the conventional video platforms and their working pattern.

How Conventional Video Platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and others work?

When it comes to online video platforms – everyone will go with YouTube, Netflix. Popular, easy to access, and everyone’s favorite. In the past few years, these platforms have grown rapidly. People are switching from old-fashioned TV channels to trendy video platforms.

All these platforms we name – YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Prime, etc. work on a similar model. All these video streaming platforms work on a centralized system.

  • Content creators upload their content on these platforms. 
  • Platform stores the content on their servers.
  • Users search the content on the platform and platform algorithms serve the content to users.
  • A user can watch the most popular content in the format the platform thinks is the best.

What’s wrong with Conventional Video Platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and others?

As discussed above all these conventional video platforms – YouTube, Netflix, etc. – have strong control over the platforms. So, End users do not possess much power. Everything is in the hand of the platform. They can anytime remove your content. And also If at all you want to monetize your content on the YouTube-like platform, ultimate decision power and control will be in the hands of the platform. The platform will decide whether to monetize the content or not.

Platforms do all the activities like Content distribution, recommendations, etc. Moreover, The platform can remove your content at any time, for any reason. Many content creators are unhappy with the incongruity of these platforms. As a consequence, people look for alternatives to centralized video platforms. And one such decentralized video platform is DTube.

Steemit – Blockchain Based Blogging and Social Media

Steemit was launched in 2016, keeping blockchain technology as a base. It is a blockchain-based social media platform. Steemit is a platform similar to Reddit – Users post links, upvote good content and downvote bad content. The only difference here is users can earn rewards in cryptocurrency. That too for posting, publishing, creating, curating, and upvoting the content on Steemit. The platform rewards in the form of STEEM cryptocurrency.

What is DTube?

DTube is a decentralized video platform working on Blockchain technology. It is an abbreviation of Decentralized Tube (D-Tube). DTube was originally built on top of the Steem platform. It was launched in August 2017. Steem was a first-generation social blockchain that experienced immediate success. In 2019, Avalon Blockchain was built. It is said to be the 2nd generation social blockchain. It has improved the social blockchain mechanism.

DTube was built in 2017 on top of Steemit. In 2019, Avalon was built as 2nd generation of social blockchain.

DTube works in a nearly similar manner to steemit. Instead of Reddit, it is a platform like YouTube. Users can share videos, watch videos, upvote videos if they like. DTube rewards its users DTube Coin ($DTC) to post, create, curate, and upvote the content on the platform. However, On the contrary, YouTube only rewards its users to create content.

Advantage of DTube over YouTube

Decentralized System & Blockchain Benefits

DTube 03

YouTube is a centralized system. It keeps its servers in the center, where all content is stored on the servers. On the other hand, DTube is a decentralized system. It is a Blockchain-based system and works on IPFS – InterPlanetary File System. It follows a peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed system, meaning there is no central server for the platform to store its data.

No Censorship on DTube

YouTube possesses strict rules and regulations to follow on the platform. Hence, as an end-user, you must follow all rules and regulations for healthy and hassle-free YouTube usage.

Whereas, DTube is free from all these copyright issues, policy violations, and all other rules and regulations. As it is a decentralized platform, there can never be a single entity to control and censor the content. DTube Community moderates all the content on DTube. Based on DTube users’ upvotes and downvotes, content moderation is handled.

Creators can showcase their talent without any limitations with a truly censorship-free platform.

Free of Advertisements

YouTube collects large amounts of data to share with advertisers and earn revenue. A platform like YouTube always has pressure for data collection for their revenue. As DTube is based on a tokenized business model – Blockchain – it does not require collecting any personal data from users. The platform is 100% ad-free and claims to provide a pure viewing experience.

Prevent YouTube from Saving and Sharing Your Personal DataAuto Delete YouTube Watch and Search History

DTube is More Secure

As it is decentralized, there is no constant worry of the server getting hacked and the platform getting ruined. On DTube, users post under pseudonyms and there is no traditional login, instead of using the Steemit platform. One more aspect is that, as discussed, the platform is not much focused on the advertisements, there’s no risk of personal data and choices getting leaked and shared.

You Cannot Delete Video On DTube

As it works on Blockchain technology, no one can delete the video on DTube. What goes in the chain, stays in the chain. There is no way back. Once the video is online, it is there for a lifetime. This point is an advantage as well as a disadvantage also. The user needs to be fully confident and sure before uploading the video on DTube.

No Recommendation Algorithm

The main issue with conventional video platforms is that their content distribution game is very uncertain and lacks transparency. Platforms like YouTube have their own recommendation algorithms which analyze the metadata and based on that proceed ahead. Users always feel that these platforms suck in content distribution.

DTube cuts them all with no such algorithms for the recommendation. It is fully transparent and purely depends upon the community-powered moderation. If the community believes that your content has value to provide, they will shower views and likes. Based on that your video will rank among the trending videos and will get good attention.

Earn in Crypto

DTube Reward Steps

YouTube only rewards content creators. However, DTube rewards influencers in a way that had never existed before. Along with Content Creators, DTube takes care of Content Curators as well. Users can earn by posting third-party video website links, tagging, and voting the relevant posts on DTube. The platform rewards users in the form of DTC tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Blockchain?

To make a transaction, we always have a trusted middleman – the Bank. But the Blockchain eliminates the need of having a middleman to do a transaction.  A blockchain is an immutable distributed database for peer-to-peer transactions. Have a look at the below image from the World Economic Forum to learn more about Blockchain.

Blockchain Technology Explained
Source – World Economic Forum
What is the value of the DTC token?

The DTC token price is never fixed. It is always changing. You can check the DTube Coin price here.


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