8 Best MAC Address Changer Android Apps in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, where connectivity is paramount, the ability to adapt and secure our devices becomes crucial. For Android users seeking enhanced privacy, security, or even the ability to overcome network restrictions, changing your device’s MAC address is a powerful tool. In this blog, we embark on a journey through the realm of Android apps, uncovering the best MAC address changer Android Apps that empower users to take control of their device’s connectivity. Get ready to explore a world where anonymity meets customization, as we delve into the top-notch MAC address changer apps for Android.

What is MAC Address?

MAC means Media Access Control. The term MAC Address stands for Media Access Control Address. In the manufacturing process, every device that can connect to the Internet, including laptops, mobile phones, computers, etc., is assigned a physical address. That address is called Mac Address. The Mac Address is typically assigned to NIC – Network Interface Card.

A MAC Address is a 12-digit hexadecimal number separated by colons (‘:’). It looks something like this: ‘7A:FD:68:7D:0C:4B’. The first six digits of the MAC address can be used to identify the vendor of the NIC (Network Interface Card).

How To Check MAC Address in Android Device?

So, when we’re discussing Best Mac Address Changer Android platforms, it is necessary for us to first learn about How to Check MAC Address on Android Phones. There’re various methods that can help us to know the exact Mac Address of the Android Device. 

You can find Mac Address in Android Device from the device information, as well as from the WiFi Settings of the phone. There’s a secret-code trick to find Mac Address on an Android phone. There’re certain third-party Mac Address finder Apps that can make your Mac Address Finding on an Android device very easy.

Check all these methods in a very detailed explanation in the detailed blog by DiGiTAL BiRYANi – How to Find MAC Address on Android Phone?

List of Best MAC Address Changer Android Apps

This is the list of the best Mac Address Changer Android Apps available in the market. This is a combined list where you can find the Mac Address Changer Apps with and without root.

WiFi MAC Changer

Best Mac Address Changer Android App
  • This App enables you to change and Spoof your Wireless Interface Mac Address to any Mac Address you want.
  • You can switch back to your original Mac Address at any time you want.
  • There are various features such as Simple Way Change, Hard Way Change, Smart Random Mac Address Generator, Network Scanner, etc.
  • Simple Way Change will change your Mac address but the changed Mac address won’t reflect in the wifi settings or anywhere else. Whereas in the Hard Way Change you can see the changed Mac Address in the wifi settings.
  • The Simple Way Change won’t allow you to connect to the secured password-protected networks, while you can connect to the secured password-protected networks using Hard Way Change.
  • You can generate a random Mac Address using the Random Mac Address Generator option.
  • You can not permanently change your Mac Address using this app.

Change My MAC – Spoof WiFi MAC

Best Mac Address Changer Android App
  • This application only works for rooted Android devices. So, if you’re looking for a mac address changer android without root then this is not what you’re looking for.
  • This Mac Address Changer Android App is totally free, there’s no paid PRO version of the app.
  • There’re two options for Mac Address Generator. One is where you manually input the new MAC Address and the second is a random Mac address generator.
  • You can also the Mac Address in the profile to use later.
  • You can switch back to the real Mac address anytime you want.


  • Nil MAC Changer is a MAC changer for various Android devices.
  • This application requires rooted mobile phones.
  • nMac offers safe backup and restores of original Mac Addresses.
  • There is No Reboot required for this app.
  • You can set a custom Mac Address of your choice.

MTK Engineering Mode (Without Root)

Best Mac Address Changer Android App
  • This is the best mac address changer android app without root. If you want to change mac address android without root, then this app is what you’re looking for.
  • MTK Engineering Mode app works for Android phones running on the MTK chipset.
  • You need to install the Engineering mode app to open engineering mode on your device.
  • Open the app and launch engineering mode by selecting MTK settings. Then turn off your WiFi.
  • Go to connectivity option, select Wifi, and then NVRAM.
  • In the Byte String Access section, you will notice three text fields. In the first two text fields enter the values given below. addr(h,byte): 4 and length(byte): 6.
  • Click on the read option. You will notice your original MAC address in the value(h) section.
  • Change that with your desired Mac Address and click on the write button.
  • That’s how you can change mac address android without root.

These are some of the best and widely recommended Mac Address Changer Android Apps available in the market. However, there’re a few other apps that also enables you to change the Mac Address of your Android phone.

Wifi Spoofer

Mac Address Ghost


Change My Mac Lite

Note – The list of the best Mac Address Changer Android Apps is shared here for educational purposes only. We, at DiGiTAL BiRYANi, never share any trick or tutorial to use them for unethical and/or illegal deeds.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do all these platforms guarantee the results?

No. With the technology advancing, the Android phones are coming with the robust security feature, and you may not able to change the Mac address on your Android phone every time.

Are MAC address changer apps legal?

Yes, MAC address changer apps are legal in most of the cases, and using them is generally acceptable for personal use. However, it is purely based on the law of the land. Moreover, users should be aware of the potential misuse or violation of network policies.

Can changing the MAC address improve my device’s security?

Yes, changing the MAC address can enhance security by making it more challenging for malicious entities to track your device. It adds an additional layer of privacy to your online activities.

Do MAC address changer apps work on all Android devices?

While many MAC address changer Android apps are compatible with a wide range of Android devices, there may be some variations based on device models and Android versions. It’s advisable to check the app specifications and user reviews for compatibility.

Can changing the MAC address help me bypass network restrictions or access public Wi-Fi more easily?

Yes, changing your device’s MAC address can help bypass certain network restrictions and potentially access public Wi-Fi networks that may have limitations or restrictions based on MAC addresses.

Can I revert to my original MAC address after using a MAC address changer app?

Yes, most MAC address changer apps allow users to revert to their device’s original MAC address easily. This feature provides flexibility and ensures that users can switch between addresses as needed.

I’m getting a hard time changing MAC Address on Android Phone without root, how can I get the result?

The majority of the apps require rooted Android phones to change the Mac address. However, if you have the MTK chipset-based Android phone, then you can change the Mac address without root using the above-mentioned tricks.

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That’s how you can change the Mac address of Android phones with these best Mac Address Changer Apps in 2024. Do try these apps when and where required and share your feedback with us.

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