9 Best Deepfake Video Maker Apps and Websites in 2024
Key Points
  • Deepfake Technology uses AI to create fake videos and images by swapping faces from the real content.
  • The AI Backed Deepfake Technology helps in many sectors including entertainment industry, content creation, etc.
  • Overview of the best deepfake video maker apps and websites available.
  • Emphasizing the importance of ethical use and responsible content creation through these Best Deepfake Video Maker Apps and Websites.
Best Deepfake Video Maker Apps and Websites

In today’s world where technology is advancing at a staggering pace, digital manipulation has reached unparalleled heights with the increased craze of deepfake technology. Deepfake videos, once confined to science fiction, have become accessible to the masses through various Deepfake Video Maker apps and websites. But what exactly is deepfake technology, and how can it be harnessed for creative purposes?

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into deepfake video making, exploring its benefits, and the best tools available to create mind-bending deepfake videos on your own. Whether you’re a budding filmmaker, a digital artist, or simply curious about the capabilities of modern technology, this blog aims to provide valuable insights and resources to navigate the fascinating landscape of deepfake technology.

What is Deepfake Technology?

You must have seen those compromised videos of celebrities where you see their face or voices in the videos of others. Those videos are created using Deepfale Technology, where users can manipulate the original videos by replacing photos or voice.

The term Deepfake refers to two different terms – “Deep Learning Technology” and “Fake”. The deep learning technology is a subpart of the Artificial Intelligence. In Deepfake Technology, users can fake the identity of anyone in any video or image by replacing the original face and/or voice with fake ones.

In last few years, popularity of Deepfake Technology has skyrocketed with advanced AI algorithms and tools.

Benefits and Usecase of Deepfake Technology

The benefits and use cases of deepfake technology are diverse and span various industries and fields. Some of the key benefits and use cases include:

  • Entertainment Industry: This new-age technology helps entertainment industry to reduce overall production costing by creating highly realistic special effects in movies and television shows. It also enhances visual storytelling.
  • Digital Content Creation: Online Video Content Creators can utilize Deepfake Technology to creare visually engaging content for Social Media platforms. Deepfake te technology helps them creating brand advertisements, animations, virtual avatars, etc, at reduced cost and efforts.
  • Personalized Marketing: Marketers can leverage deepfake technology to create personalized advertisements and promotional materials tailored to individual preferences and demographics.
  • Education and Training: Deepfake technology can be utilized to develop interactive training simulations and educational materials. The study materials developed using Deepfake Technology helps learners to engage with realistic scenarios and simulations in fields such as healthcare, law enforcement, aviation, etc.
  • Research and Development: Researchers and scientists can use deepfake technology to generate synthetic data for training AI models, testing algorithms, and conducting experiments in various domains, including computer vision, natural language processing, and robotics.
  • Accessibility: Deepfake technology has the potential to improve accessibility for individuals with disabilities by enabling the creation of synthetic voices and facial expressions for communication aids and assistive technologies.
  • Historical and Cultural Preservation: Deepfake technology can be used to reconstruct and preserve historical events, artifacts, and cultural heritage sites, providing immersive experiences for future generations.

While deepfake technology offers numerous benefits and opportunities, it also raises ethical, legal, and societal concerns, including privacy violations, misinformation, and the potential for misuse. As such, it is essential to approach its development and deployment responsibly and ethically, with appropriate safeguards and regulations in place to mitigate risks and ensure its responsible use.

Best Deepfake Video Makers

Deepfakes Web

Best Deepfake Video Maker Apps and Websites DiGiTAL BiRYANi Deepfakes Web
  • Deepfakes Web is one of the best deepfake video maker online platforms available. The web platform let you create premium deepfake videos without installing any tools.
  • The platform works by combining the source and target materials. The source material is the video or photo from which you want to swap the face in the target video.
  • Once the user uploads the source and target material, Deepfakes Web takes up to 4 hours to learn and train from video and images, and it takes another 30 minutes to swap the faces using the trained model.
  • The free version generally takes up to 5 hours to produce the deepfake video where as the premium version completes that in 1 hour.

Price : $4 / hour

Available Platforms : Web

My Heritage

Best Deepfake Video Maker Apps and Websites - DiGiTAL BiRYANi - MyHeritage
  • My Heritage is an interesting Deepfake Video Maker platform that lets you animate your old photos and helps you feel nostalgia.
  • You can convert the photos from old albums into animated videos.
  • Users need to upload the photo and the platform will do the needful processing through the advanced algorithms.
  • My Heritage adds completely natural movements to the photos. 
  • My Heritage is available in the different versions like Web, Android App, and iOS App.

Price : Free, with in-App purchase

Available Platforms : Web, iOS, Android


Best Deepfake Video Maker Apps and Websites - DiGiTAL BiRYANi - DeepSwap
  • Deepswap is a cool deepfake video maker platform that lets you create deepfake videos by swapping faces in videos, photos and GIFs.
  • Users have the option of selecting from a wide array of templates to craft humorous videos, wherein they can insert their own faces onto characters from movies, memes, or even the opposite gender.
  • The platform has ability to swap faces from the videos, creating new characters and make them speak.
  • It is one of the best deepfake video maker websites to create funny memes or GIFs for social media.
  • The platform is extremely easy-to-use.

Price : $9.99/month or $49.99/year

Available Platforms : Web


Best Deepfake Video Maker Apps and Websites - DiGiTAL BiRYANi - Synthesia
  • Synthesia.io offers the use of AI avatars or digital characters for video creation.
  • The website provides AI voices in over 120 languages, enabling the creation of videos with diverse accents and languages.
  • It has ready-made templates streamline the video creation process, while users can also customize their own AI avatars.
  • Synthesia.io is one of the best deepfake video maker websites where even written text can be easily transformed into video content.
  • The platform is suitable for various purposes including education, marketing, and customer service, Synthesia.io facilitates collaborative team projects and offers three different plans tailored to different user needs and budgets: Starter, Creator, and Enterprise.

Price : $22/month

Available Platforms : Web


Best Deepfake Video Maker Apps and Websites - DiGiTAL BiRYANi - FaceMagic
  • FaceMagic is another interesting Deepfake Video Maker platform that has a website, an Android app, and an iOS app.
  • The deepfake video maker platform is an AI-powered face swapping app that lets you create deepfakes with user-friendly interface.
  • It enables you to develop custom face swap by uploading videos, GIFs, or images.
  • Deepfake Video creation is free to start with the FaceMagic, whereas you need to purchase the premium subscription for unlimited face swaps, ad-free experience, and high-speed editing.

Price : Free, with in-app purchase

Available Platforms : Web, iOS, Android


Best Deepfake Video Maker Apps and Websites - DiGiTAL BiRYANi - reface
  • Developed based on Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), the Reface is one of the best deepfake video maker platforms available for web, Android, and iOS.
  • It offers cool face-swapping in photos and videos, with amazing features such as photo animation and turning videos into cartoons.
  • Their online video editing tool is known as unboring, which enables users to swap faces in the videos.
  • The platform has various animation features where users can convert human photos into cartoons, pet photos into cartoon versions. This makes it perfect deepfake video maker app for entertainment industry.
  • Unboring by Reface is extremely easy-to-use platform.

Price : Free, with in-app purchases

Available Platforms : Web, iOS, Android


Best Deepfake Video Maker Apps and Websites - DiGiTAL BiRYANi - AnyoneSwap
  • AnyoneSwap is a realistic AI Faceswap service available online to create premium deepfakes with ease.
  • AnyoneSwap delivers high-speed face swapping feature that is perfect for content creators to create deepfakes on regular basis.
  • AnyoneSwap offers one-click face swap services that makes it a fast deepfake video maker website.
  • The platform has a free plan with limited credits. If you want to utilize premium features with high quantity, you can subscribe to the plan costing $19.99/month.

Price : Free, $19.99/month

Available Platforms : Web


Best Deepfake Video Maker Apps and Websites DiGiTAL BiRYANi DeepBrain 1
  • DeepBrain is an advanced deepfake software renowned for its highly authentic and visually stunning deepfake videos.
  • The platform utilizes advanced AI techniques for professional-quality deepfake content creation.
  • It has an intuitive interface that caters to both novice and expert users.
  • DdeepBrain is one of the best deepfake video maker websites that costs $24/month. It has more premium plans as well.

Price : $24/month

Available Platforms : Web


Best Deepfake Video Maker Apps and Websites - DiGiTAL BiRYANi - Avatarify
  • Avatarify is an AI-based facial animation app animating still images with advanced neural networks.
  • This deepfake video maker app allows you to use different memes for deepfake effects.
  • It allows for mimicking activities like singing, talking, or laughing, adding dynamism to static photos.
  • If you’re looking for a cool deepfake video maker app for casual use, Avatarify is definitely a worthy option.
  • It is free to use for Android and iOS users with in-app purchase options.

Price : Free, with in-app purchases

Available Platforms : Web, iOS, Android

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do deepfake video maker apps and websites work?

These platforms employ advanced AI algorithms to analyze and manipulate existing video footage or images, seamlessly swapping faces or altering voices to create convincing fake content that looks real.

What safety measures should I take when using deepfake video maker apps and websites?

To minimize the risks associated with deepfake creation, users should only use reputable and trusted platforms, avoid creating deceptive or harmful content, and obtain consent from individuals depicted in the videos.

Are deepfake video maker apps and websites legal to use?

The legality of using deepfake technology varies depending on jurisdiction and the intended use of the content. Users should familiarize themselves with the laws and regulations governing deepfake creation and distribution in their region.

Do deepfake video maker apps and websites offer any safeguards against misuse?

Some platforms may implement measures such as watermarks, content moderation, or terms of service agreements to deter misuse of their technology. However, users should remain vigilant and responsible when using deepfake tools.

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From the pool of deepfake video maker platforms available online, these are some of the best deepfake video maker apps and websites that offer extraordinary output with minimal timing and effort.

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