60 Best YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts to must know if you use YouTube daily

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. It has 2.3 billion monthly active users. From education to entertainment, people use YouTube for multiple purposes. Effectively using YouTube saves a lot of time and effort. To help billions of YouTube users DiGiTAL BiRYANi has compiled a list of YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts to bring productivity to YouTube usage. As a YouTube user, you can use these YouTube hotkeys during your daily YouTube usage, it will definitely help you save a few hours every month.

Why should you use YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcut keys are one of the most productivity boosters things that should be implemented to get the best out of any platform. It is actually true when you use start to increase the keyboard usage with shortcuts and decrease the use of a mouse, you get your work done in a lesser amount of time by achieving higher quality results. Hence if you’re actively using any platform on a regular basis, you should aim of getting mastery over shortcuts.

Many people use YouTube on a daily basis from their computers. These people spend quite a good amount of time on YouTube. If they know the best YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts aka YouTube Hotkeys, they can save a handsome amount of their daily time. The time saved with these YouTube Shortcut Keys can be used to read some good productivity booster articles, do some online shopping, or have a good time doing Netflix and chill. So if you’re a regular YouTube user, you should know YouTube Shortcuts to use YouTube like a PRO.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts Keys to use YouTube like a pro.

General YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

1M KeyMute/Unmute
2Mute Key on the keyboardMute/Unmute
3F KeyFull Screen / Exit Full Screen
4Esc KeyExit Full Screen
5I KeyMini Screen / Exit Mini Screen
6T KeyTheatre Screen Mode / Exit Theatre Screen Mode
7/Place the text cursor in the search field to start typing
8Esc Key(When the cursor is active) Remove the cursor focus from the search bar
9Up ArrowIncrease the volume by 5%
10Volume Up key on the keyboardIncrease the volume by 2%
11Down ArrowDecrease the volume by 5%
12Volume Down key on the keyboardDecrease the volume by 2%
13Shift + ?YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts Keys list

Playback Related YouTube Shortcuts

2K KeyPlay/Pause
3play/pause media key on the keyboardPlay/Pause
4Stop Media Key on the keyboardStop
5Right Arrow KeyMove Forward by 5 seconds
6L KeyMove Forward by 10 seconds
7Left Arrow KeyMove Backward by 5 seconds
8J KeyMove Backward by 10 seconds

The number of seconds above 4 youtube shortcut keys forward or rewind is always multiplied by the current playback speed of the video. 

If your current playback speed is 2X, then

  • The right Arrow key moves the video forward by 10 seconds.
  • L Key moves the video forward by 20 seconds.
  • Left Arrow Key moves the video backward by 10 seconds.
  • J Key moves the video backward by 20 seconds.
9Home KeyMove to the beginning of the video
10End KeyMove to the end
11Shift + NMove to the next video
12Shift + PMove to the previous video
13Ctrl + ← Move to the previous video (in a playlist)
14Ctrl + → Move to the next video (in a playlist)
15, (comma)Move to the previous frame (only when a video is paused)
16. (period)Move to the next frame (only when a video is paused)
17Decrease the playback speed
18Shift + ,Decrease the playback speed
19>Increase the playback speed
20Shift + .Increase the playback speed
21TabMove Forward in the player control button
22Shift + TabMove Backward in the player control button
23EnterExecute selected player control
240Move to the beginning of the video
251Move to 10% of the video
262Move to 20% of the video
273Move to 30% of the video
284Move to 40% of the video
295Move to 50% of the video
306Move to 60% of the video
317Move to 70% of the video
328Move to 80% of the video
339Move to 90% of the video

Subtitles and Closed Captions Related YouTube Hotkeys

1C KeyTurn On/Off captions and subtitles
2O keyRotate through different text opacity levels
3W KeyRotate through different window opacity levels
4+ Key (not in Numpad)Rotate through font size (increasing)
5– Key (not in Numpad)Rotate through font size (decreasing)
6B KeyChange the Closed Captions background-color

Spherical Videos Related YouTube Shortcut Keys

1W KeyPan Up
2A KeyPan Left
3S KeyPan Down
4D KeyPan Right
5Key (on Numpad)Zoom In
6]Zoom In
7Key (on Numpad)Zoom Out
8[Zoom Out
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it mandatory to know all the available YouTube Shortcut Keys?

No. Having an idea of YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts / YouTube Hotkeys leads you towards productive YouTube usage. Moreover, You can use various YouTube features with utmost ease.

How can I download YouTube Videos without external software?

It is really easy to download YouTube videos without installing any external software. You can check this Complete Guide to Download YouTube Videos.

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As, DiGiTAL BiRYANi has only one goal, i.e., to help our digital community to increase Digital Productivity. We believe that YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts / YouTube Hotkeys mentioned here will surely make a huge impact. We always work towards increasing the quality of the content we serve. Your valuable feedback helps us to work better. Please share your feedback directly or comment below!

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