Why Should You Buy A Solar Power Bank in 2024?

In recent years, our reliance on electronic devices has only grown stronger. We use our smartphones, tablets, and laptops for work, entertainment, and communication, among other things. Even watches and headphones have become smart in the past few years. It is nearly impossible to imagine our lives without these gadgets. With this increased usage comes the need for a reliable and portable source of power. These devices need to be charged regularly. During normal days it is not a big deal. But when we are on the move or away from an electrical outlet, the need for a reliable and portable source of power become crucial. This is where solar power banks come into play. Solar Power Banks are revolutionizing the way we charge our gadgets. Let’s take a closer look at Solar Power Bank.

What is a Solar Power Bank?

Solar Power Banks are energy storage devices that store energy from Sun and convert it into useful electric energy.

In simple words, Solar Power Bank is a Power Bank that gets charged using Solar Energy. A Solar Power Bank is an energy storage device that draws energy directly from the sun and converts and stores it as electric energy. We can use solar power banks to charge a variety of electronic devices and gadgets, such as mobile phones, headphones, cameras, laptops, televisions, torches, bulbs, and many more.

Solar Power Banks are portable devices that are easy to carry while traveling. This allows us to ultimately charge electric devices using Solar Energy.  Solar Power banks are available in various capacities, usually ranging from 1000mAh to 50,000mAh.

How To Charge a Solar Power Bank?

Solar Power Banks usually can be charged by two energy sources.

  • Solar Energy
  • Electricity

As we use a Solar Phone Charger we want it to charge using Solar Energy. And Solar Power Bank works exactly as per our expectations. When placed under direct sunlight, the Solar Panels in the Solar Phone Charger will receive energy from the Solar Energy.

Many Solar Power Banks also come with an option to charge themselves with Electricity. When there is no direct sunlight due to weather conditions or at night, we usually use this option.

What is the Best Time of day to charge a Solar Power Bank?

To answer this question in one line – Solar Panels use light to get charged and not the heat. The production of energy by Solar Panels is believed to be dependent on heat and temperature. But unlikely it is the light that is the prime factor behind the production of energy by Solar Panels.

In spite of the fact that the sun’s intensity varies during different times of the year and day, we don’t need to worry much about it. As a matter of fact, light energy is often greatest early in the day without temperatures reaching their peaks, and extremely high temperatures can even sometimes compromise the efficiency of the panels.

How Long Does It Take To Charge a Solar Power Bank?

The answer to this question depends solely on the number of solar panels and the capacity of your Solar Power Bank. Solar Power Banks charges itself using the physic’s concept – photovoltaic effect. The photovoltaic effect occurs when sunlight shines on a photovoltaic cell and produces a voltage or current. In general, the more solar panels your Solar Phone Charger has, the faster it will charge.

This is what the usual time a Solar Power Bank will take to charge itself fully using Solar Energy. Here’s detailed information about how this charging time is calculated and what all factors are considered.

Power bankPanels NeededTime to fully charged
5000 mAh power bank1 solar panel6 hours
10000 mAh power bank2 solar panels12 hours
25000 mAh power bank5 solar panels30 hours
30000 mAh power bank6 solar panels36 hours
50000 mAh power bank10 solar panels60 hours
75000 mAh power bank15 solar panels90 hours
90000 mAh power bank18 solar panels108 hours
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Benefits of Using a Solar Power Bank


Solar Phone Charger is different from other power sources in that it does not harm the environment in any way. Being a renewable energy source, the sun saves fuel and energy that can be used for other purposes. Since solar energy is a clean, natural, and pollution-free source of energy, it is highly advisable to use more of it.


Solar Power Bank is portable that allows us to carry it whenever required. The device doesn’t take up much space. It eliminates the need of staying at a single place just for the sake of charging your electronic devices. Since it is a portable device, you can keep it with you at any place.

Cost-Effective in the Longer Run

The more electronic device you possess, the more electricity you consume. It results in paying high electricity bills every month. With the Best Solar Phone Chargers, you can save a little money every month. That results in a handsome amount of money when calculated for a longer period.

Travel Partner When No Electricity For a Long Time

When you’re traveling to some hilly or forest area where it is hard to find electricity for a few days, Solar Power Banks are a real boon during such journeys. You can enjoy your journey without thinking much about charging your favorite travel gadgets having a Solar Phone Charger by your side as a true travel companion.


Solar Phone Chargers are compatible with almost all types of mobile devices and electronic gadgets. You can connect your favorite gadgets through the USB Port given in the Solar Power Banks without much hassle.

Best Solar Power Banks To Buy

We’ve listed down a few of the best Solar Phone Chargers. These amazing top-rated Best Solar Power Banks will help you save a lot of money and avail other benefits of Solar Phone Chargers.

Kepswin Solar Charger, 20000mAh

  • 2 USB Outputs and 2 LED Flashlights
  • Ultra-light Solar Charger
  • USB & Solar Charging Modes
  • Sturdy Durable and Waterproof
  • Safe Power Bank & High-quality Customer Service

Oukafen Solar Charger, 30000mAh

  • Huge Capacity
  • Safe & Multi-intelligent Protection
  • Dual Recharge Methods
  • Bright LED lights & Compass
  • High-quality Service

BigBlue Solar Charger

  • Ultra-slim Solar Charger
  • High Energy Conversion
  • Exclusive Smart IC Technology
  • PX-4 Waterproof Level
  • 100% RISK-FREE

QiSa Solar Power Bank 38800mAh

  • Equipped with Qi wireless charging technology
  • Large-capacity power bank
  • With dual input ports (high speed Type-C and Micro USB)
  • Dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof

Feelle Solar Power Bank

  • Includes 2 USB Ports
  • Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets and More
  • Capacity: 24000mAh

YELOMIN Portable Solar Charger, 20000mAh

  • High Quality Portable Solar Charger 
  • Compatible with Multiple Devices
  • Convenient Smart Express Charge
  • Two Different Charging Methods
  • Reliable Service for Solar USB Charger
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I charge a Solar Power Bank using electricity?

Yes. The majority of the Solar Power Banks are compatible with electricity charging methods. However, it totally depends on the product.

What are the factors that need to be considered while buying a Solar Power Bank?

Power Output and Storage Capacity are the two prime factors that need to be considered while buying a Solar Phone Charger.

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Undoubtedly, Solar Power Banks have extreme potential to be a revolutionary product. We, at DiGiTAL BiRYANi, highly recommend our readers to have this futuristic product as their gadgets’ true companion. Share your thoughts about Solar Power Banks with us.

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