India’s First Multiplex in Metaverse: Airtel Xstream Multiplex

In this madness of metaverse, Airtel has come up with some really interesting stuff that has never been available in India. The telecom giant Bharti Airtel has recently introduced India’s very first multiplex in the metaverse. This will be a part of the Airtel Xstream Premium offering. This service is introduced in collaboration with Partyline, which is a blockchain-powered digital parallel universe.

First, let’s understand what exactly the metaverse is!

What is Metaverse?

The word Metaverse was first used in the 1992 science fiction novel called Snow Crash. A virtual version of the world was used in the novel, where characters wore avatars and interacted with each other.

Much like that world, the modern Metaverse is also quite similar. Basically, the Metaverse is an umbrella term for technologies that help create an entire digital universe like our real one. Often called “virtual environments” or “virtual worlds”, this universe can be extremely detailed and include a variety of different worlds.

The Metaverse is not only a platform where people entertain themselves. It plans to be a virtual world where people work, socialize with each other, and live about other aspects of their life. Technologies like VR and AR are very important to the Metaverse as they will help create an incredible sense of immersion of “being lost” in that other universe.

Airtel now owns a Multiplex in Metaverse

Bharti Airtel’s Xstream multiplex will be a 20-screen platform. Users will have a great multiplex experience at their home with this India’s first multiplex in the metaverse. The platform will have access to some great content from the leading OTT partners available on the Xstream App, and that includes platforms like Eros Now, Lionsgate Play, Hoi Choi, Hungama Play, and more.

The service will be available for free for sampling. Anyone can watch the first episode of an OTT original or the initial minutes of a movie in regional languages, besides English and Hindi. And on the subscription of Xstream Premium service, starting from ₹149 per month users can access the content freely.

“Airtel’s Xstream multiplex provides a larger-than-life experience, which brings together Web 3.0 apps and immersive storytelling, and an assortment of content from our partners. Through the metaverse, we are looking to tap into a larger audience, giving content enthusiasts an opportunity to sample Airtel’s Xstream Premium offering and, thus, aiding in driving higher adoption,” said Shashwat Sharma, Director – Marketing, Airtel.

We can definitely consider this as an extension of Airtel’s Xstream premium offering. Not to miss that recently Airtel Xstream has achieved a 2 million paid subscriber milestone and is now India’s fastest growing OTT aggregator platform.

Airtel Xstream Multiplex, which is India’s first multiplex in the metaverse, can be accessed by the Partynite App on Android as well as the web.


As India is advancing in modern-day technologies, this move from Airtel will be a game-changer in many aspects. Do let us know your thoughts about India’s very first multiplex in the metaverse.

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