Top 33 Online Platforms To Bypass Phone Verification SMS

In this Internet Centric era, almost all websites and platforms require phone numbers for verification. In this way, the website/portal gets one of your most important data of yours, i.e., your mobile number. Many times various portals sell this data to advertisers and get a healthy amount credited to their accounts. These malpractices cause your mobile phone to be filled with spam SMS and calls.

Sometimes, if your phone is out of network or the sim card is damaged and you’re only relying on the Wifi. In such cases, if you need to register by phone SMS verification, you will feel stuck. Now here’s the solution. DiGiTAL BiRYANi has come up with a list of websites that will help you to bypass phone verification SMS on any website/portal.

These websites provide disposable phone numbers. You need to sign up using the disposable phone number instead of your real phone number. You can temporarily use these phone numbers to get OTPs or PINs. One-time verifications and login can be done using these services.

What are Disposable Phone Numbers?

Disposable Phone numbers are basically temporary phone numbers used to sign up / log in on different websites/portals. These numbers are active for you for a very short duration and are only used to receive OTPs or PINs. There are many websites available that help you generate free disposable phone numbers. They also provide a temporary inbox to receive OTPs and PINs. Some of these platforms also provide a facility to receive calls. Disposable Phone Numbers are the best friends of Privacy Conscious people.

How To Bypass Phone Verification SMS Online on any Portal?

  • Go to any of the websites that provide disposable phone numbers. In this example, we’ll go with Receive SMS.
  • Go to the Receive SMS in your web browser.
  • Open any of the mobile numbers that are available based on the country. If you need to register with an Indian number, open the Indian number. If you want to register with the US number, then open the US number.
Bypass Phone SMS Verification on any Website using Receive SMS
  • Copy the phone number you have opened. Paste it on the website/portal where you want to register.
  • You’ll receive the OTP / PIN in your virtual inbox on the Receive SMS platform.
Bypass Phone SMS Verification on any Website using Receive SMS. You get virtual inbox to receive OTPs on disposable phone number
  • Use the OTP received in the virtual inbox of the Disposable Phone Number to sign up / log in.

Websites To Bypass Phone SMS Verification Online

These are the websites that provide similar services as Receive SMS in the above example. You can select any of these websites to bypass phone verification SMS.


These websites are third-party websites. Some of these might be blocked by popular portals like Google, Facebook, etc. DiGiTAL BiRYANi has shared this information for educational purposes only. We request our esteemed readers to use these portals carefully at their own risk only. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the websites are not working for specific platforms like Gmail, Facebook, etc., why?

Large platforms like Gmail, Facebook, etc. might have blocked some of these portals in order to prevent fake account registrations. If any of the above portals is not working, you’re advised to try other portals.

Should I use the above SMS Bypass Online platforms for the registration of important portals like banks, passports, etc.?

DiGiTAL BiRYANi never recommends avoiding such portals for important and private registrations. Phone Number Verifications are for users’ safety and security, hence while registering for important and financial portals, avoid these platforms that help us bypass phone verification SMS.


Using the above portals you can avoid giving your phone numbers for unnecessary and small registrations. You can get OTPs and PINs on the disposable numbers and save yourself from getting probable spam messages and calls. We request you share your valuable feedback with us. You can drop a comment below or contact us directly.

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