13 Ways to Know if Your Phone is Being Tracked or Tapped

Gone are the days when the only use of a mobile phone was to call or message someone. In today’s world, you access everything from a mobile phone. Only you know how much you use your phone and how much sensitive information it contains. Banking to business and education to entertainment, everything is done from mobile phones.

You must be pretty much sure that if someone tracks your phone without your knowledge, you’re totally screwed. Your bank information, private photographs, contact list, personal conversations, and a plethora of other sensitive information will be at risk if your phone is being tracked by someone. There’s a possibility that someone might be tracking your mobile phone without your knowledge. In this blog, we’ll share a list of ways to learn How to Know if Your Phone is Being Tracked or Tapped?

How to Know if Your Phone is Being Tracked – Check these Tricks

These are the list of techniques that help you to help you to tell if your phone is being tracked. Knowing about the tapping of your mobile phone by unauthorized access will enable you to take the necessary steps to save your sensitive and important information from being exposed to unauthorized entities.

How to know if your phone is being tracked?

Abnormal Battery Drain

Many times hackers use spyware apps to track your mobile phones. These spyware apps use a good amount of power for a bad purpose. They keep running in the background to track each and every detail on your phone. These apps use functionalities like GPS trackers to track your live location. They may keep taking screenshots and send them to monitoring devices. There may be many other alerts and notifications continuously happening without your knowledge.

There are a lot of other things these apps do on your phone to get detailed information about you and your phone. All the above-mentioned process consumes a lot of power resulting in faster battery drain. So, if you feel that your mobile phone battery is draining really fast without any usage. There may be a chance that someone is spying on your mobile phone.

Maintaining mobile phone batteries properly is a challenging task. There are a lot of small things that you need to consider for healthy battery life.

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If you’re following all the precautionary measures mentioned in the above blog post yet you feel that your mobile phone battery is draining abnormally, then you should check the detailed Battery Usage in your phone’s settings. If you find anything suspicious, you need to take the required steps to save your mobile phones from being tracked.

Inexplicably Higher Data Usage

You need to keep track of your data usage. Mobile Phones that are being tracked by unauthorized entities use a lot of data to capture and send information to the monitoring devices.

If you feel that someone is tracking your mobile phone. Just turn off the Wifi on your phone and enable the Mobile Data. Now, if you notice any suspicious increment in the mobile data usage, check the detailed data usage instantly.

If any unknown source is using your mobile data, then it might be the possibility that your phone is being tracked by hackers without your knowledge.

It is always good to have track of your data usage. So any abnormal change will be noticeable and you can save your mobile phone from hackers.

Overheating of Your Mobile Phone

Mobile Phones tend to take up a temperature when they are in constant use. When some apps are constantly running and eating up a lot of resources, the temperature of mobile phones will boost.

If you ever notice an unexpectedly high temperature on your mobile phone without using any high processing apps or games, there may be an unauthorized entity accessing your mobile phone through spying apps and taking important information out from your phone.

Unwanted Apps on Your Mobile Phones

If you find any unknown app installed on your mobile phone that is not installed by you, then that app may be a spying app installed on your phone by hackers. So if you ever notice unknown apps on your mobile phone, be cautious and take the necessary steps to uninstall those apps to safeguard your mobile phone.

Background Noise and Disturbance While Making Calls

There are many reasons you get some disturbance and hear some noise while making calls. One of the reasons may be spyware apps recording your phone calls. Yes, you read it right!

Many times these spyware apps also record your phone calls to listen to your personal phone calls. At such times you may hear some weird noise during phone calls. Beeping, white noise, or simple echoing are some possible examples.

Of course, network problems also cause this sometimes, but it shouldn’t be habitual. If you find this habitual, your phone might be getting tracked.

Suspicious Browser History

Check suspicious web browser history to learn How to know if your phone is being tracked?

If you feel your mobile phone is being tracked, check your mobile phone browser history. There’s a high possibility that someone might have used your web browser to download spyware or malware apps on your phone. You need to check your browser history to see if there are any suspicious links opened on the browser. You can even check your Incognito mode history to confirm any suspicious activity on your web browser.

Weird Screen Activity

Normally when a mobile phone is idle and locked, it generally shows a black screen or clock & weather. But if a spyware app is running on your phone, your mobile phone’s screen may automatically light up even when you’re away from the phone and not using it. So, if your mobile screen wakes up automatically without any reason. Don’t ignore the hint. There’s a high chance that Your phone is being tracked.

Phone Performance Deterioration

Since the mobile phone is an electronic device, it requires regular clean-up and service. You need to clean up unused mobile apps and cache memories to keep your mobile phone performance up to date. If you do all these things regularly and still feel some issue with mobile phone performance, especially with the speed, then there’s a possibility that your phone is being tracked.

Unauthorized spyware apps running in the background affect your mobile phone speed and performance heavily. They consume a good amount of memory on your mobile phone. These apps even cause longer boot-ups and shutdowns. Along with that, it may also degrade your phone’s touchscreen experience.

Unwanted Screenshots and Recordings

The spyware apps usually take screenshots on your mobile phones and send them to the monitoring devices. You need to monitor your mobile phone’s gallery – specifically the screenshots folder. If you find any screenshot, especially of your messenger or containing some sensitive and important information, that is not captured by you. You need to be cautious as there’s a possibility of some spyware installed on your phone. The same applies to screen recordings and the voice note section. You need to check them at regular intervals.

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Issues with Power Off and Restart

Sometimes it can be challenging to restart or turn off a phone if it has been hacked. Some spyware apps can even prevent users from turning off their mobile phones. Because if you turn off or restart the phone they will have an interruption in their tracking activity. Hence, they force such restrictions on your phone to restrict you from turning off or restarting.

You get Weird Messages

Check your inbox now. Are there any weird text messages that seem to appear like some secret code containing many letters and numbers? If yes, then it could be an alarming hint for you. Many times hackers send such codes to command the devices they have hacked. These codes are their secret communication with connected devices.

Mobile Phones Turning Auto On and Off

Have you ever experienced a situation when your mobile phone automatically turns off or on? If your mobile phone randomly gets rebooted without any reason then there’s a possibility that your phone is being tracked. That’s not the only reason why your mobile phone gets rebooted unknowingly. But if that is happening too frequently then you should respond to the hint.

Your Mobile Phone is Rooted or Jailbroken

Mobile Phone manufacturers restrict normal users from changing some settings on mobile phones. There’s a process using which you can remove such manufacturers’ restrictions on the mobile phone to get the restricted access. This process is called Rooting on Android devices and Jailbroken on iPhones.

Hackers apply this process to devices to install spyware and malware. It is hard to detect if your phone is rooted or Jailbroken, but you need to keep checking about unknown Apps installed on your phone. If you can access some restricted settings, you need to check why this is happening, and whether your phone has been compromised or not!

What to do if Your Phone is Being Tapped?

So we discussed to learn How to know if your phone is being tracked? Now, if you get to know that your phone is being tracked or tapped by an unauthorized entity, what to do in such situations?

Here are some quick tips that you can try if your phone is being tracked.

  • The first step is to restart your phone.
  • You should install some good Anti Virus on your phone.
  • You can take a backup of your phone and do the factory reset.
  • Make sure the latest supported OS version is on the phone.
  • Keep your phone and apps updated to the latest version.
  • Change your passwords and set some strong passwords.
Refer to thisHow To Create Strong and Unbreakable Passwords – 11 Unique Ways.
  • Uninstall the Apps you’ve installed from unknown sources.
  • Don’t install Apps from other sources apart from the official sources like App Store and Play Store.
  • Find our spying apps and delete them instantly.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Are smartphones vulnerable to hacking without the Internet?

Yes, they are. Hackers can even tap your phone by analyzing the low-power electronic device your mobile phone emits.

What happens when your mobile phone gets tracked?

When your mobile phone is being tracked, hackers can get all the information that exists on your mobile. They can even get the details about live locations and other sensitive information.

What is the best way to make your phone spy-free?

Factory Reset is the best way to make your phone spy-free as it removes all apps, messages, and other data.

How can we get to know if the link is safe to open and will not invite cyber-attacks?

It is true that we get to expsoed to the malicious and harmful stuffs by clicking unknown links. There are a few tricks that helps you know if the link is safe to open or not. So, try to follow these tricks and avoid clicking risky and harmful links.

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Cybersafety is an essential thing in today’s digital world. We shared this blog to help our readers keep their mobile phones safe and secure. Try these tricks and make sure that your smartphone experience is 100% safe. Share your valuable feedback with us to help us serve you better.

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