How To Make WhatsApp Stickers Without Third-Party Apps? | Convert Any Images Into WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp Stickers are one of the craziest additions to the WhatsApp App. People have gone crazy in the past few years while using WhatsApp stickers. It has provided a platform for people to showcase their creativity. Earlier when stickers were introduced by WhatsApp, it was really tricky to create a sticker. Third-party apps were necessary to create WhatsApp Stickers. People used to install third-party apps just for the sake of creating new stickers. Now, WhatsApp has eliminated this troublesome task for its users by introducing the latest Sticker Maker in WhatsApp itself.

In the recent updates of WhatsApp, the platform has introduced the Sticker Maker functionality for its users. Currently, this great functionality is available for the WhatsApp Web version only. The feature allows users to convert pictures, selfies, sketches into custom stickers. It also allows you to add custom text and emojis while creating stickers.

Step by Step Guide – How To Make WhatsApp Stickers Without Third-Party Apps?

To convert any images and pictures into WhatsApp Stickers, follow the below steps now.

  • Open the WhatsApp Web version on your PC.
  • Go to any chat window on WhatsApp Web.
  • Select the Attachment icon in the chat window.
Open the WhatsApp Chat on WhatsApp Web and Click on the Attachment Symbol To Make WhatsApp Stickers Without Third-Party Apps.
  • Tap on the Stickers option.
  • The sticker option will redirect you to File Explorer. Select the image you want to convert into the WhatsApp Sticker.
  • Once you select the image, you’ll get an option to edit the image before converting it to WhatsApp Sticker. In that section, you can add text to the image, crop the image to your desired shape, and many more.
  • Tap on the Send button, and the image converted into a WhatsApp Sticker will be sent to the receiver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I convert images into WhatsApp Stickers using a mobile phone?

There are various third-party apps and tools available on the Internet to achieve this using a mobile phone.


With this update, WhatsApp has launched a much-awaited functionality for its users. The feature has filled the conversations with fun and joy. Such digital fun and joy make users more relaxed and productive while being online. Please share your valuable feedback with us.

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