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11 Best Online Image Compressors To Reduce Image Size in Kb

Best Online Image Compressors To Reduce Image Size without Quality Loss

If you remember a few years back, a normal photo captured from a camera or mobile phone used to be the size of a few kilobytes. Now, advanced cameras and mobile phones have completely changed this scenario. Normal photos today are often as large as two-digit megapixels, let alone HD and other high-resolution images. These lead us to search for quality online image compressor tools to reduce image size in kb for various purposes.

Why Do We Need To Reduce Image Size in Kb?

Did you ever wonder why your pictures on Government and other documents like passports, driving licenses, etc are so poor despite having access to the latest technology to capture amazing images?

Well, that’s because capturing a high-quality image is a very easy task but storing that image on the server where billions of such images need to be stored is a very difficult task.

Hence, many times when you register for something online, the website asks you to upload your photo with a maximum size limit specified as a few Kilobytes (KB).

Online websites try to minimize the image size to get a better loading speed. There are many such use cases for which we need to search for image compressor tools to reduce image size.

List of Best Online Image Compressors To Reduce Image Size in Kb

Based on our research, these are the best online image compressors to reduce the image size online.


OptimiZilla is an online image compressor tool that helps compressing various image types such as PNG, JPEG, GIF

JPEG Optimizer

It is a free-to-use online image compressor tool.


TinyPNG, an online image compressor tool, helps to reduce image size online by maintaining the original quality of the image to a great level.


You can compress PNG, JPG, JPEG, and GIF types images using this platform.

A great online Bulk Image Compressor tool.

Adobe Online Image Compressor

The platform is offered by a Photo Editing giant Adobe.

Resize Photos

You can upload any of the above types and select output format to get the reduced size image.


The platform reduces the image size without affecting the image quality.

Online Image Optimizer

This online image compressor tool supports GIFs, Animated GIFs, PNG, JPG file format.

Compress JPEG

This online image compressor tool only supports JPG and JPEG type images.

It is one of the best online image compressor tools to reduce image size while maintaining quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What approach is more preferable – Image Compression Online or on the installed software?

It all depends upon the usage. If you only need to compress images occasionally, then the online option is more convenient. However, if your usage is high then you can opt for software installation.

Are all these options safe to use?

Based on the users’ reviews, these options are pretty safe to use. However, it is always advisable to avoid compressing highly sensitive and confidential images on these online platforms.


Whether you’re a website owner or a normal internet user, you may require to reduce image size in kb for various purposes at any time. Now onwards, you don’t need to waste your precious energy and time searching for the Best Online Image Compressor Tools to reduce photo size. These tools in the list will help you whenever you require to reduce image size. Share your valuable feedback with us to help us serve you better.

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