How many SIM Cards are issued on your Aadhar Card? (2024)
Key Points
  • Aadhar is an unique identity number issued to Indian Citizens by the Government of India.
  • Aadhar Card is a compulsory document when buying a SIM Card in India.
  • According to rules of the Department of Telecom (DoT), a person is allowed to have 9 SIM cards on one Aadhaar card.
  • You can know how many SIM cards are issued on your Aadhar Card through the Government Portal.
  • This can help you maintain your Aadhar Card Sim Limit.
How Many SIM Cards Are Issued On Your Aadhar Card

This blog is to help our esteemed readers learn an important trick – How many SIM Cards are issued on your Aadhar Card? If there’s a fake SIM issued on your Aadhar Card, you can directly block them too. Along with that you will also get answer to other questions like – how many sim cards are allowed on one Aadhar card? These Aadhar Card Sim Limit Tricks will help you take better decisions for yourself.

Aadhar Cards are the most important identity proof issued by the Indian government. The government has made Aadhar a compulsory identity proof for many important works such as opening bank accounts, buying vehicles, getting a new Sim Card, and many more. Telecom companies need Aadhar details to issue a new SIM Card to any user.

The rule imposed by the Indian government to provide Aadhar while getting a new SIM issued for yourself has stopped many fraudulent and illegal activities. However, the fraudsters have now tried new lows by using various illegal tricks to get SIM Cards using fake Aadhar details, that belong to some other person.

These fraudsters often use other people’s Aadhar details to get new SIM cards and use such SIM cards in illegal and anti-national activities. Such SIM cards are often seen to be used in terrorist activities. Hence, it becomes very necessary for an ordinary citizen like you and me to know how many SIM cards are issued on Aadhar Card. This will help people ensure that their confidential details are not in unsafe hands and they are safely away from probable risk.

The Indian government allows issuing of a total of 9 SIM cards on one Aadhar Card. You can’t have more than 9 SIM cards on one Aadhar Card. But, it is to note that if you’ve only issued 3 SIM cards on your Aadhar Card, then still there’s a room for 6 cards to be issued on your Aadhar number. If someone illegally uses your Aadhar details to get a new SIM, how would you know that a new SIM Card is issued on your Aadhar Card?

The trick is a simple one. Follow these detailed steps to know how many SIM Cards are issued on your Aadhar Card.

Steps to know How many SIM Cards are issued on your Aadhar Card

By visiting the Telecom Department’s TAFCO portal, you can easily determine how many SIM cards are issued on your Aadhar card. TAFCO is a really useful portal that stands for Telecom Analytics For Fraud Management and Consumer Protection. If you find any fake or unknown SIM card registered on your Aadhar number, you can directly block that from the portal.

How many SIM Cards are issued on your Aadhar Card
  • You’ll see a text box asking you to enter your mobile number. Enter your mobile number in that text box.
  • Click on the Request OTP button.
  • You’ll receive an OTP on your mobile number.
  • Enter OTP and you’ll get the required details.
  • All the phone numbers registered with the Aadhaar card from which the phone number you entered is registered, will be visible.
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How to Report If Any Mobile Number in the List is Unknown or Not Required?

If you found something fishy in the list, you can straight away report them on the same platform. The portal allows you an option to report if any of the mobile numbers present in the list is unknown or not required further. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the TAFCO Portal.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Tap on the Request the OTP button.
  • Enter the OTP and you’ll get the list of numbers registered on your Aadhar.
  • In the list, each number has three buttons stating ‘This is not my number’, ‘Not required’, and ‘Required’.
  • You can select the ‘This is not my number’ button if that number is not yours.
  • If the number is yours, but no longer required, then click on the ‘Not Required’ button.
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen to report the mobile number from the list.

Note – If you can’t access the TAFCO portal, it may not be available in your region. As this portal is currently available in a limited part of India.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if I enter my mobile number that is registered on someone’s Aadhar Card?

Following the above steps, you’ll get the list of phone numbers registered on that person’s Aadhar Card.

How many numbers I can register on my Aadhar Card?

A maximum of 9 (nine) numbers can be registered on any Aadhar Card. Check the above-mentioned trick to know how many SIM cards are issued on your Aadhar card, and how many more you can still issue.

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That’s how you can ensure that no illegal activity is happening from your Aadhar Card and mobile number. Check this now to see how many SIM cards are issued on your Aadhar Card. Send your valuable feedback to us to help us serve you better.

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