Top 10 Best Online Grocery Shopping Sites in India in 2024

The pandemic has digitalized many industries. Grocery Shopping and Delivery services are one of them. People are becoming accustomed to online grocery shopping and online grocery delivery services. This generation of people is more focused on saving time than money. While the online grocery delivery service saves money as well as a lot of time for people every month. Unlike other shopping, grocery shopping is unavoidable and inevitable shopping. You can skip other shoppings to next weekend, but grocery shopping has to be done at the time.

Why should we choose Online Grocery Shopping over Offline Shopping?

There are many reasons that push you to choose online grocery delivery services instead of going to grocery stores every time.

  • Offline Grocery Shopping is a very time-consuming task. You can save a really good time by shopping groceries online. Eventually, you can use it in a more productive manner.
  • In a time like Pandemic, you can avoid public contacts by online grocery shopping. You can save yourself and your loved ones from getting exposed to deadly viruses. And you too can avoid becoming a super-spreader.
  • You can save on fuel expenses if you shop for groceries online instead of offline.
  • At any given time, there are many offers and discounts going on for online grocery shopping. So, along with fuel expenses, you can save an additional amount with these discounts and offers.
  • Online Grocery Shopping Sites are 24/7 accessible. You don’t need to spend a minute from your daily schedule. You can do online grocery shopping in your free time.
Best Online Grocery Shopping sites - A detailed list from DiGiTAL BiRYANi.

List of the Best Online Platforms For Grocery Shopping in India

When Online Grocery Shopping is so much helpful, why do you need to go to Kirana Stores and Grocery Marts every week to stand in a long queue for the work that you can complete by spending a few minutes in front of a screen? We have listed down a few of the Best Online Grocery Shopping platforms that can save you a good amount of time and money.

Jio Mart

Jio doesn’t need any introduction in India. It is India’s biggest digital revolution of the last few decades. The brand Jio is backed by India’s biggest corporate industry – Reliance. Now, reliance has launched a platform, Jio Mart, under its brand Jio to bring revolution in the Retail Sector. Earlier reliance started this brand to operate in 3 major cities, which now operate in almost every corner of the country.

The biggest advantage of Jio Mart is the discount they offer. The majority of products are at a discounted price at Jio Mart. Moreover, they do not charge for delivery. So, a packet of maggie is also available free of delivery charge. When we discuss the top 10 online grocery shopping sites in India, all these aspects make Jio Mart the best online grocery shopping platform in India.

  • Free Delivery.
  • Great Network.
  • Reputed Brand.
  • Big Discounts.
  • Quality Products.

Big Basket

A decade-old brand. During the early covid pandemic time, Big Basket became a household name in India. They serve the nation by delivering groceries when the whole country was scared of the newly spread deadly virus. The platform is backed by India’s oldest, largest, and most trustworthy industrial house – TATA.

Bigbasket is considered India’s largest online grocery store. They provide flexibility in selecting delivery times. The prices are competitive. However, Bigbasket is widely accepted and praised by users across the nation.

  • Wide range of products.
  • Flexible Delivery Service.
  • Good Product Quality.
  • Widely accepted by users.

Blinkit (Formerly Grofers)

Grofers is one of the most successful online grocery shopping platforms in India. The platform has renamed itself and changed its name to Blinkit. Blinkit offers grocery delivery services in 26 major cities of India. They have a very good network across the nation. They have a live store at almost every 2 km in the cities they serve. Hence they claim to provide delivery within 10 minutes. They offer 5000+ brands to serve you at your doorstep. Blinkit has a website and application for Android and iOS. This is the best online grocery shopping website in India if you’re looking for instant groceries at your doorstep in a few minutes.

  • Fast Delivery.
  • 5000+ brands.
  • Live store at every 2km in their network.
  • Available in 26 major cities of India.

DMart Ready

If you’re an investor in the Indian Stock Market, you must be aware of the Stock Prices of Dmart since its IPO. That tells how Strong a brand would have been accepted and loved by users. DMart has large superstores across the nation in 11 states and 1 UT. They offer great discounts and quality products. Hence, the brand is loved by the major Indian Middle-Class public.

Amidst the pandemic, people have started using and accepting DMart’s online delivery service. The biggest advantage of Dmart Ready is the user base they already have in their offline stores. Customers already know about the quality and costs so for online purchases also they prefer Dmart over any other brand.

  • Strong support from the existing user base.
  • Great Discounts.
  • Quality Products.
  • Wide Network.
  • Trustworthy and Market Leader in Retails Segment.

Paytm Mall

The brand Paytm is one of the fastest-growing Indian startups. Paytm, introduced as a payment app, now has its own Mall where they sell a variety of daily necessities. It is India’s one of the topmost e-commerce platform. They also started offering groceries to be in competition with rival platforms. The platform serves good discounts. The App and the website offer a clear User Experience. Talking about the products, they offer a good amount of FMCG products on their platform.

  • Simple and Easily accessible.
  • Variety of FMCG products.
  • Many discount and cashback offer.

Amazon Pantry

Amazon requires no introduction in the eCommerce segment. It is undoubtedly a leader in eCommerce platforms across the globe. With India being one of its primary customer bases, they offer their best service in the country. The platform is always ready to serve its customer’s issues. Amazon offers grocery delivery services under the name Amazon Pantry. Users can avail of the service by logging in to their Amazon accounts only.

The biggest advantage Amazon has is its existing delivery network across the country. Every household that shops online knows the name Amazon. Thus, by providing great products, they can keep their customers without letting them try other platforms.

  • Great network across the nation.
  • Easy to use UI.
  • Great Customer Service.
  • Availability of Products.

Big Baazar

Big Baazar is one of the earliest players who started big AC supermarts to buy daily household stuff. It attracted the Indian Middle-Class people to the core. They started visiting Malls instead of local Kirana shops to buy groceries and daily household stuff. They now offer an online delivery service as well. You can order your daily groceries and other household stuff to get delivered to your home directly from Big Baazar outlets. Just like outlets, they offer great discounts and offers on groceries.

  • Great Offers.
  • Quality Products.
  • Old player in Retail Segment.

Flipkart Supermart

A direct competitor in India to the eCommerce giant Amazon. Flipkart is an Indian eCommerce platform that also offers FMCG products and groceries. It has the same benefits as Amazon. The platform has a wide range and customer base. They can deliver products to any corner of the country. From delivery to payment options, they are at the top level. Hence, customers get the best value for their time and money. Flipkart offers great discounts and offers on various products. They offer festival offers and seasonal discounts as well.

  • Great Discounts.
  • Variety of products available.
  • Good delivery network.

Nature’s Basket from Godrej

Nature’s Basket from Godrej is available offline since 2005. They now serve you online as well. Godrej group’s retail chain is widely accepted by users for buying premium, imported, and fresh products. If you want to order premium cheese from Europe or imported avocado in India, then this is the place you should be browsing. They have 36 neighborhood convenience stores from where they deliver fresh items to your doorstep.

  • Known international and imported grocery items.
  • Fresh fruits, dry fruits, and many more premium items.
  • Delicious imported instant snacks available.


Morestore is a retail brand of another Indian business group – Aditya Birla Group. There was a time when they opened up stores at every other corner of major cities in India. Along with time, they have closed major stores but they are still operational and very successful in the retail segment. They offer assurance of delivery within 3 hours of placing the order. The platform is available on the web as well as a mobile version. They have a variety of items to serve at your doorstep.

  • Reputed Brand.
  • Fast Delivery.
  • Wide range of things available.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the most famous Online Grocery Shopping platform in India?

From the above-mentioned brands, Bigbasket is widely accepted and the most famous brand for online grocery shopping.

Which platform offers the best discounts on online grocery shopping?

Based on users’ experience, Jio Mart and DMart Ready are the two best platforms that serve the best offers and discounts on a wide range of products.

Is it safe to buy groceries online?

Yes. It is completely safe and secure to buy groceries online.

From the list of the top 10 online grocery shopping sites in India, which is the best online grocery shopping platform?

We would recommend JioMart for overall grocery shopping. If you’re looking for instant delivery in a few minutes, the best online grocery shopping platform from the list of top 10 online grocery shopping sites in India is Blinkit.

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With time, it is necessary to bring a change in your habits to adapt new normal. Shopping groceries online is one such good habit that we should adopt to save time and resources. These are some of the top 10 Online Grocery Shopping Sites in India that will definitely help you to get quality products at a very good price directly at your doorstep. Use any of these platforms and share your valuable feedback with us. If you want us to write a blog of your choice, feel free to send your favorite blog topics to us.

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