WhatsApp Auto Reply Feature For Personal and Business Accounts

WhatsApp is a leader in the instant messaging App industry with approx 2 billion monthly active users.

WhatsApp is known for introducing user-friendly features every now and then. 

From Hiding Last Seen to Hiding Online Status, many features are already there in WhatsApp.

Have you ever felt the need of having Auto Reply Feature on WhatsApp?

Auto Reply is a functionality where user can set up pre-defined messages to get auto-send as a reply to incoming messages in his absence.

We've got what you needed!

We've shared a trick to help you Enable WhatsApp Auto Reply Feature in Personal and Business Account

WhatsApp Business is a separate application by Whatsapp, designed specifically for small business owners.

WhatsApp Business Account

There's a special feature called Away Messages in WhatsApp Business.

That feature allows users to setup Auto Reply Functionality. Check Detailed Steps

WhatsApp Personal Account

WhatsApp Personal is a regualr WhatsApp application that is used by billions of people.

There's no direct way of having Auto Reply feature on WhatsApp personal.

However, we've shared a workaround to enable Auto Reply feature for WhatsApp Personal.

This is how you can enable Auto Reply Feature in WhatsApp. Check out the full Blog.