Tips to listen to WhatsApp Voice Notes without Sender Knowing

Even if the Blue Ticks are off, the sender can still know if the Voice Note he has sent is heard of not. 

These are the best tips if you want to listen to these WhatsApp Voice Notes Secretly without sender knowing.

Listening to the WhatsApp Audio Message in Airplane Mode can serve the purpose.

Airplane Mode Trick

Forward the voice note to another chat and listen it there.

Forwarding the Message

Export the WhatsApp Chat with media files, and listen to it offline

Export the Chat

Redirect to the WhatsApp Audio Note on your phone's File Manager and listen to it in the Media Player.

Play in Media Player

There are a few third-party apps that serve the purpose, you can try them on your own risk.

Third-Party Apps

Check the pre-requisite for all these tricks, and detailed execution of these tricks.


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