Tips to Disable Reels on Facebook

Facebook introduced short video feature - Reels - late 2021 , and people have addicted to the Facebook Reels.

There's no direct way option to disable reels on Facebook. But, here are some workarounds to get rid of reels on Facebook.

Downgrading Facebook App to older version can help in stopping reels on Facebook

Use an Older Version of the Facebook App

Downgrading won't work on iPhones as iOS does not allow to downgrade the App.

Use Facebook on Web browser, as Facebook Web does not show reels on news feed as frequently as Facebook App.

Facebook Web Version

Third-party Facebook clones available on the Internet may help to stop reels on Facebook.

Third-Party Facebook Apps

This will inform Facebook algorithm that you don’t want to see reels on your News Feed. Swipe Up to see the detailed trick.

See Fewer Posts Like This

That will automatically reduce your Reels’ watching time on Facebook. Swipe Up to see step-by-step guide for the same.

Disable Auto Playing Reels


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