Things to keep in mind while buying an Air Purifier

Delhi and other northern part of India is facing the worst Air Pollution currently.

The outdoor air is very dangerous to breathe. People are buying air purifiers for homes and offices for clean air to breathe.

While buying a new Air Purifier, these things should be considered for the best options.

Have the correct measurements of the area where you're planning to keep Air Purifier and compare them with the machine's room coverage area.

Room Coverage Area

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) measure the performance of Air Purifier. Higher the CADR, better the Air Purifier.


When we plan to keep Air Purifiers in the home or office, we prefer to have the machine as quiet as possible.

Noise Level

Air Changing Rate - the number of times air inside a room is replaced with clean air in an hour. 5 to 6 ACH is advisable.

ACH rating

High-Efficiency Particulate Air aka HEPA filters, anti-bacterial and UV filters are some good options. These can filter out up to 99.9% airborne particles that are up to 0.3 microns in size and also save us from air-borne disease.

Filter Types

If you're living with a pet, or living near construction site where there's a chance of having large particles in the air, you should consider Air Purifier with pre-filter. It removes large particles from air and then allows air to go in filter. 


It is a good to have feature for your ease and comfort. Air Purifiers with smart connectivity like WiFi, Alexa, Mobile App will ease your life a bit.

Smart connectivity

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