Snapchat Launches Pixy - A Selfie Drone / Mini Flying Camera

Snapchat recently introduced a Flying Selfie Camera called Pixy - A first of its kind.

The co called it as “a pocket-sized, free-flying sidekick”. Pixy can find its way back to your hand, landing gently at the end of the flight.

The small and cute selfie drone is only weighs 100 grams.

Videos from Pixy are wirelessly transferred and saved into Snapchat Memories. 

From there, you can use Snapchat’s editing tools, ‘Lenses, and Sounds’ to customize what you capture. 

Pixy relies on computer vision and object recognition technology to identify people’s faces and bodies, which allows it to follow or “orbit” or land back in the palm of your hand.

“With a few taps, you can automatically crop into portrait and apply quick Smart Edits, like Hyperspeed, Bounce, Orbit 3D and Jump Cut.” 

Currently Pixy is only available in the USA and France from its official website and priced at 230$.

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