LastPass confirms it was hacked; Check if your passwords are safe!

LastPass is a leading password manager used by more than 33 million users across the globe.

The company confirms that a hacker recently hacked their source code and entered into their secure environment,

An "unauthorized party" cracked into the developer environment, which is the software that employees use to build and maintain LastPass's product.

According to the Lastpass, the company can never know, gain, or store the master password of their users' password valut.

This made it clear that users' passwords are safe and secure. Still many users are concerned for the security of their passwords.

There was speculation on social media that hackers may be able to access the keys to password vaults after stealing source code and proprietary information.

DiGiTAL BiRYANi also recommends that changing your password after such news is a good and safe move.

You can refer this master guide to create safe, secure, and robust passwords that you can remember easily.


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