Secretly Capture Screenshot on Snapchat


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On Snapchat, users share images and videos with each other that disappears as soon as the receiver watch it.

Receiver can not save that image or video. Even if the screenshot is taken, Sender gets the notification about the same.

Many times users wants to secretly take a Screenshot without sender knowing. 

We're here to help such users. Here are a few tips that helps Snapchat users to take Screenshots without them knowing.

Using Google Assistant on Android

Utilize Google Assistant feature on Android to take secret Snapchat screenshots.

In-built Screen Recorder

Use your mobile phone's in-built screen recorder to take secret screenshots on Snapchat

Airplane Mode Feature

Check the detailed steps to screenshot on Snapchat using Airplane mode trick.

Third Party Screen Recorder

Use third-party screen recorder to take secret screenshots on Snapchat. This will ease your work.

Screen Mirror Method

Screen Mirror / Mirror Cast method is a really helpful trick to capture screenshots on Snapchat without them knowing.

Record Using Another Device

You can use another camera device to record and capture a copy of Snap without sender knowing.

Check detailed step-by-step tricks to take a Screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing.