How To Keep Your Overheating Laptop Cool During Heavy Usage?

Laptop-Overheating is a very common issue faced by the majority of Laptop users.

It effects your productivity and daily activities badly by degrading the performance.

You may face abrupt shut-downs, slow speed, issues with various hardware parts, etc. due to Laptop Overheating.

So to keep your laptop cool from overheating, follow these few steps.

Use your Laptop on a flat hard surface such as Desk or Table.

Avoid using Apps that hits the laptop’s CPU limits

Make sure your laptop is clean and dust-free. Do timely cleaning of laptop's ventilation fans.

Use a good Laptop Cooling Pad to keep your laptop cool and work efficiently.

Close Unnecessary Task from the Task Manager and reduce the CPU consumption.

Change your laptop’s power settings from High Performance to Balanced or Power Saver.

Check and replace the faulty fans of your laptop to keep it cool.

Use your overheating laptops in Air Conditioned rooms to keep them cool.

Play Games at Lower FPS and Graphic Settings to keep your overheating laptop cool while gaming.

Swipe Up and find some other amazing tricks in detail to keep your overheating laptop cool during heavy usage.


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