Best Air Purifiers against Air Pollution in India

Air Purifiers filters the air, removes dangerous particles from it, and throws fresh air.

These are the best Air Purifiers in India that effectively works against the Air Pollution of Delhi and North India as well.

Dyson Purifier Cool Air Purifier - TP07

➤ ‎‎Glass HEPA, Activated Carbon Combi Filter ➤ AI-enabled. (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant) with Mobile App Control ➤ ₹33,900

Philips High-Efficiency Air Purifier AC2887/20

➤ HEPA, Active Carbon, Prefilter ➤ Effective against deadly viruses, and bacterias ➤ ₹14,499

Honeywell Air touch U2 Indoor Air Purifier

➤ ‎Pre-Filter, Anti-Bacterial Filter & High grade H13 HEPA filter ➤ Larger Coverage Area of up to 1007.5 square feet. ➤ ₹24,999

Coway AirMega 150 (AP-1019C) Professional Air Purifier

➤ Pre-Filter, Urethane Carbon Filter, Green Anit-Virus HEPA Filter ➤ Best-in-class cleaning capabilities and warranty ➤ ₹14,400

Daikin MC55XVM6 Air Purifier

➤ ‎Electrolastic HEPA Filter ➤ Lifetime Free HEPA filter and ODOUR filter from the company. ➤ Triple Purification  ➤ ₹22,870

SHARP Room Air Purifier with High-Density Plasmacluster™ Ion Technology

➤ ‎Pre-Filter (Fine-Mesh Type), HEPA Filter & Active-Carbon Filter ➤ Patented Technology with Multiple Modes ➤ ₹30,990

Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter

➤ ‎HEPA Filter ➤ AI-enabled at reasonable price ➤ ₹9,998

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