Working Tricks To Bypass Twitter Rate Limit of 300 Tweets

Twitter recently introduced a new rate limit policy that restricts the number of tweets that users can see in a day.

Verified accounts can see 6000 tweets/day, while limit for unverified accounts is 600 and new unverified users can see 300 tweets per day.

Users get the "Rate Limit Exceeded" error once they reach the daily tweet limit

These limits are temporary and are being implemented to address “extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation.” 

To Bypass this Twitter Rate Limit, you can access the platform through Tweetdeck.Twitter.Com

Apart from that, you can try web brwoser extension called "Old Twitter Layout" available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

The Opera GX Browser can also lets you bypass Twitter Rate Limit Policy.

Refer this detailed Guide To Bypass Twitter Rate Limit of 300 Tweets


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