This is how Tech Companies reacted about Roe v Wade

On 24th June, the US supreme court overturned the 'Roe v Wade' and made abortion illegal.

Various US tech companies came ahead and took their stance and made statement regarding this.

In the US, 13 out of 50 states have 'Trigger Law', that makes Supreme Court's decision final and bans abortion automatically.

These trigger states are home to giant tech companies such as Dell, Tesla, SolarWinds, HP, Oracle, and Rackspace (all in Texas), as well as Micron in Idaho, and many more.

Many tech companies feared of 'Brain Drain', as people may plan relocating to other states.

Hence, many companies have announced that they will provide out-of-state medical expense to their employees.

Apple, Meta, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and many other tech companies have provided one or another choices amid pro-choice environment.


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