Uber accepts the data breach in their system by a teen hacker

Last week someone broke the Uber's technical system and entered into it

The hacker managed to send vulgar messages to employees on their internal messenger - Slack.

The hacker also posted a picture of penis on the company's internal platforms.

And also leaked images of Uber's internal environment to the web.

Uber has broken the silence and accepted that it was hacked in an official statement.

The company believes that the hacking was done by the hacker group affiliated with a hacking group called Lapsus$.

The same hacker group has compromised the system of various tech giants like Cisco, Microsoft, Nvidia, Samsung, and others in 2022 it self.

According to some reports, the same hacker hacked the famous video game maker company Rockstar Games over the weekend.

Uber is in constant touch with FBI and the US Department of Justice on this matter.


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