Time traveler predicts aliens would arrive on earth on 8th December

Do you believe in Time Traveler concept? 

Even if you don't, you can't ignore this bizarre discussion all over the world. 

Recently, a Social Media post got attention of whole world due to this news related to Aliens.

A self proclaimed time traveler has issued 5 warnings for 5 catastrophic events that will seemingly change the fate of Earth

Time Traveler is identified as Eno Alairic who recently uploaded a video on Tik Tok

According to him, humans are just a few months away from meeting aliens.

Aliens will land on the earth in a giant meteor on December 8, 2022.

He also predicted 4 other events to be happen within a few months.

November 30, 2022: The James Webb telescope finds a planet that is a mirrored version of Earth.

December 8, 2022: A large meteor hits Earth containing new types of metals and alien species.

February 6, 2023: A group of 4 teenagers discover ancient ruins and a device that opens a wormhole to other galaxies.

March 23, 2023: A team of scientists exploring the Mariana Trench find ancient species.


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