This private company is the first in history to fly to Venus

There are many missions that focus on Mars and Moon, but very few aim Venus.

NASA and ESA is working on three different Venus missions, but result from all these missions are expected in late 2020s or 2030s.

When a private firm SpaceX is focusing on Mars, this private firm Rocket Lab is focusing on Venus.

New Zealand based firm Rocket Lab along with the scientists of MIT is working on launching the company's rocket on Venus in 2023.

Rocket Lab announced the same on Twitter on 30th August 2022.

The rocket for the mission is currently under development by a team of around 30 scientists led by Sara Seager at MIT.

The expected launch is in May 2023, and it will reach to the Venus in October 2023 after 5 months of journey.

The probe is small, weighing just 45 pounds and 15 inches wide, just slightly larger than a basketball hoop.

Its conical design, with a heat shield in front, takes the brunt of the intense heat generated when the probe collides with Venus’ atmosphere at 40,000 kilometers per hour


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