The spacecraft of cost $330 million is about to crash into an asteroid

Planet earth hits by the various sizes asteroids  more often than we could think of.

To eliminate this risk, NASA is trying a new process in which they will change the movement of asteroids by smashing them into space crafts.

This space craft to be used in test mission is called  DART - Double Asteroid Redirection Test.

DART is NASA's test run of a planetary defense system planned to crash  asteroids into space crafts.

DART is going to hit with Dimorphos, a lump of space rock so far away from Earth

When the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will hit the asteroid, it will be travelling at 14,000 miles per hour.

It is to note that neither Dimorphos, or its larger companion Didymos, do not pose any threat to the planet Earth

They are chosen only because they are a very good target practice for that.

Once this test happens, major telescopes like Hubble, James Webb, and other major telescope will closely observe the after effects.


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