Data of 5.4 Million Twitter Users is on Sale for $30,000

Recently, a well-known Hacker Forum offerred to buy a database having email ids and phone numbers of 5.4 million Twitter users in just $30,000

This data is expected to get hacked during the security vulnerability that Twitter suffered back in January.

After that HackerOne reported a bug that could allow an attacker to get email ids and/or phone numbers of Twitter users despite of their account privacy. 

Twitter also acknowledged the problem and fixed the issue.

Twitter paid the discoverer of the hack, zhirinovskiy, $5,040 as a reward. 

But the hackers used that vulnerability to get the data of 5.4 million Twitter users

According to hackers, these data contains some of the celebrities and companies also.

The seller has posted a data on the Website breach forum, along with the sample of data.

In this digital world, such data theft is a very serious issue, and that too from a brand like Twitter


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