Super Strawberry Moon 2022 to appear in the sky in Mid June.

What's known as the 'Strawberry Moon' first appeared on 12th June night and will reach its full brightness on 14th, but won't look exactly like a strawberry.

Despite the name, it doesn't look like a Strawberry.

The name came from some Native Americans because the moon appears during strawberry harvest season.

Astronomers call it a 'supermoon' because it occurs when it orbits closest to the Earth.

The best views of June's full moon in the United States will be in the southern half of the country and the Southwest.

The moon will appear about 17% larger and 15% brighter.

To a casual observer, the supermoon may appear similar in size to other moons.

However, the noticeable change in brightness enhances visibility and creates a great opportunity for people to begin paying attention to the moon and its phases


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