SapceX and Virgin Galactic Rockets Will Destroy Ozone Layer - Study

Companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic have introduced the word Space Travel and Space Tourism to the world.

Back in 1980s the chemical that destroy the Ozone Layer were banned by the Montreal Protocol.

But according to the recent study this Space Tourism dream of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Banson could destroy the healing Ozone Layer.

This combined study was conducted by UCL, the University of Ca,bridge, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The study found that the shoot given off by the Spacecraft damages the layer of proactive ozone around the earth.

Black carbon particles emitted by rockets are almost 500 times more efficient at holding heat in the atmosphere than all other sources of soot combined 

And the biggest culprit for this is said to be the SpaceX's use of kerosene and Virgin Galactic's hybrid synthetic rubber fuels

The findings are based on all rocket launches and re-entries in 2019, along with projected space tourism scenarios.


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