Roller coasters can trigger iPhone 14's Crash Detection Feature 

Apple introduced a new feature in iPhone 14 series called 'Crash Detection'.

The Crash Detection Feature is to help iPhone user during emergency like car accidents

When the iPhone detects car crash, it sends notification to emergency contact and also help connect you to emergency services.

As per Apple, it's only going to work if you're actually driving and if you experienced a crash, so simply dropping the phone or falling shouldn't trigger it.

However, in some cases, having your iPhone with you while riding in a roller coaster triggers Crash Detection feature.

This has happened in many amusement parks in the USA.

Since the iPhone 14 launch, 911 centers near Kings Island Amusement Park has received six such false crash detection calls.

The feature is likely triggered by the extreme speed-ups and slow-downs that happen during a rollercoaster ride, tricking the phone sensors.

These are troubling by eating up the precious time of 911 center people.

It is advised to not take your phone while having a roller coaster ride.


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