President Biden to reveal the first James Webb telescope image

NASA will share the first James Webb Telescope image on 11th July 5 PM ET

US president Joe Biden will do the honor at 5PM ET, with a live stream of the event available on NASA TV and images available simultaneously on NASA's website. 

It appears that just a single image will be revealed today, but NASA didn't say which one

Rest images will be revealed by NASA later on.

NASA's James Webb is on a mission to peer into the early universe, seek out exoplanets and galaxies and tease out new secrets from the cosmos.

The $10 billion observatory—launched in December last year and now orbiting the Sun a million miles (1.5 million kilometers) away from Earth.

It can look where no telescope has looked before thanks to its enormous primary mirror and instruments that focus on infrared, allowing it to peer through dust and gas.

This is a test image sent by NASA's James Webb Telescope.

The test image is result of 72 exposures over 32 hours that shows a set of distant stars and galaxies.


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