Can a power plant in space send electricity back to Earth?

China is planning a satellite which will send back energy to Earth!

A report by South China Morning Post revealed that China will launch a solar power plant in space by the year 2028.

They will reportedly place a satellite at an altitude of 400 kilometeres

This satellite would convert solar energy into electricity and then convert that into microwaves. 

These lasers can then be transmitted to various fixed targets on Earth, which can be converted back to electricity here

The project will only generate 10 kilowatts of energy which is enough to power only a few homes.

Two years after the launch in 2028, China will send another more powerful satellite to a geostationary orbit about 36,000 km from the Earth

The plan aims to build a 10-megawatt power plant by 2035 which will start sending energy to even military and civilian users.

Surprisingly, such a plan is not proposed by China only, even the United Kingdom will have a similar space-based solar power plant orbiting about 36,000 km from the earth by 2035.


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