Personal data of 30 crore Vodafone Idea users leaked?

CyberX9's multiple critical security vulnerabilities "exposed customer's sensitive and confidential personal data including call logs of nearly 301 million (30.1 crores) customers to the whole internet"

This allegedly includes data of 20 million postpaid Vi customers.

CybebrX9's research indicates that Vi users' data for the last two years could've been breached.

Livemint reports that Vi acknowledged a flaw in its billing communication system, though it fixed the issue "immediately".

The report adds that Vi conducted a "thorough forensic analysis", which revealed there "was no data breach".

Vi also came a step ahead and called the research team's claims "false and malicious".

In its defence, the telco said that it performs "regular checks" and audits are conducted to strengthen the security infrastructure.


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