NASA's latest discovery 'Super Earth' may support life

NASA has discovered a Super-Earth that is four times the mass of the planet earth

This newly discovered Super Earth just takes 10.8 days to complete a whole year.

NASA discovered this exoplanet called Ross 508 b using a new infrared monitoring technique.

The Super Earth is located 37 light years from the planet earth.

The Super-Earth “skims in and out of its star's habitable zone”. And it revolves around a red dwarf star called Ross 508, just like our Earth orbits the Sun. 

Astronomers in Japan had first spotted the Super-Earth earlier this year in May.

The exoplanet orbits the star at a distance that offers temperatures conducive to the formation of water on the surface of the planet.

According to the study, the Ross 508 is around 18% of the mass of the Sun which makes it the faintest and smallest star with an orbiting world.