NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has captured a distant dead star eating a nearby planet - tearing shreds of debris from it.

Astronomers have observed a weird development in deep space as a dead star leads to cosmic cannibalism in its own planetary system.

The dead star is pumping off debris from both the system's inner and outer reaches, consuming both rocky-metallic and icy material, the ingredients of planets

 The star observed is G238-44, a white dwarf.

Astronomers are hopeful that the findings will help describe the violent nature of evolved planetary systems and can tell about the makeup of newly forming systems

NASA announced that James Webb team performed an initial analysis and found that it still performs at a level that "exceeds all mission requirements."

A white dwarf is what remains of a star like our Sun after it sheds its outer layers and stops burning fuel through nuclear fusion

The findings are also intriguing because small icy objects are credited for crashing into and "irrigating" dry, rocky planets in our solar system.


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